Culture Clubb Atlanta, is a set of debates amongst a various group of personalities. We speak about every thing from politics to social media, music, grownup points, and extra. Check out the total size movies on, and there are some traditional movies on the youtube channel as nicely.

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  1. Great topics and discussions. i thoroughly enjoyed listening to all! my favourite topic discussed was the bad attitudes that i think most gay black dudes have towards each other.

  2. Puerto Rican is not a race, it is a country. There are White Puerto Ricans and Black Puerto Ricans. That is like saying we are Americans. I am a Black American.

  3. Why do people still think that there is an agenda to turn people Gay? I was just watching a video about Lil Nas X and they were saying that. That is like saying someone can make you attracted to something or someone. That's not how sexuality works.Those people are gay or bisexual to begin with. Why do black people have to be so ignorant about human sexuality?

  4. Not only reparations, but protections from the government (that enabled this situation in the first place) so that wealth is meaningful and passable down to generations. Also will have to get rid of the premium on whiteness (example: white neighborhoods are more valuable due to “the market” that supposedly doesn’t see color).


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