Dead By Daylight – INFECTION SPREADS – Fan-Made Chapter! new Killer: The Cured (Eps 10) Chapter By: Minurath
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  1. Chapter name the darkness. New killer the blind Zack Manson was a nice kid with a good heart so when his sister got a unrecognizable sickness the would be by her side his grades in school dropped for years he would worry about his sister but when he overheard the doctor telling his parents the only cure was to find compatible eyes he would sign up while the surgery was successful he could no longer see even though he didn’t mind One day at home he was able to see In a whole different light he could see the color taste and he could hear what the normal human ears could not the crawling of rats the taste of pollution on a different scale but he could see only one color in this ink black world red he would soon grow to love that color one day he heard a crash through the upstairs window he tried to race up the stairs as fast as he can only to see a pool of red on the floor and red floating above dripping from that shadow he heard a laugh the he would be knocked unconscious when he woke up his mom and Dad would be crying over the body of his sister weeks after the event his parents would take care of him less and less to the point of neglect Zack was furious he still needed to find the killer at night he would sneak out to try to find his sisters killer he would see his wish come true as when we had walking one night he heard a familiar laugh he pulled out the drill he stole from his Dads Toolbox he stormed after the killer drilling a hole in his spine before he could deal the final blow he tripped and while he felt like he was falling he landed on the floor he couldn’t see the Persons blood in a state of rage and sorrows he tore his jacket only keeping a strand to cover his eyes with blood dripping down the cloth he heard survivors he smiled as he knew that he was here for one reason only that he grew to love murder. The power for the blind would be the red sight at the start of the hunt the blind can’t see anything but he can hear noises in the shape of white circles when he gets closer to a survivor the can see there beating hearts once he has hit a survivor he can see the blood and scratches 50% clearer this effect last until the hunt is over the blind comes with 3 unique perks the first perk is called heightened senses the blind has a rush of excitement with the first successful hit his red sight increase 0.5/1.0/1.5 times more for 60 seconds his second perk loving family broken having memories of his family before the murder angers the blind knowing if he was a bit faster he could have had his revenge when chasing a survivor this will turn his base 125 movement speed to 135 movement speed for 20/40/55 seconds when hit the survivor will have the mangled status effect until they are down or healed and the last perk hex entities eyes at the start of the hunt the blind will get his sight back every two minutes for 30 seconds but his vision will be blurry he would rip of his cloth to reveal black soulless eyes survivors would get a petrified status effect the survivors will be slowed for 5% for the rest of the hunt or until the hex is destroyed if the hex is destroyed the blind will see the world black again and would put on the blind fold the Mori goes as told the blind will stand over the downed survivor he smiles as he reves up the drill first starting at the ankles then the spine while the survivor screams then at the end the blind turns them over than drills both the eye sockets of the survivor. Quote heightened senses when you can’t see use everything around you- the blind. Quote 2 it was my worst mistake never again- the blind. Quote 3 amongst the blind the one eyed man is king they where wrong.- The blind. His hit animation he spins the drill while blood flies of the tip while he is described as 6 foot man with a ripped green lettermen jacket with dirty pale skin and a green cloth over his eyes stained with blood

  2. I wish the Cure was driven by his empathy more, it seems more like he just hates the Plague.
    Imagine if he saw the Huntress and The Trapper (or whoever) slaughtering innocent people like animals, and saw them return to the campfire to be tortured again. So he decides to become a killer himself so that he can end the survivors suffering. So he can save them from their own sort of plaugue; the other killers, and the Entity.
    That would have been dope as hell.

  3. Holy shit that's broken. Infection lasts for 90s but only has a 20s cooldown? And then it gives the survivor like 50 status afflictions. I would like a powerful killer sure, but this concept is just beyond broken and unbalanced.

  4. I have a chapter idea It's called Research and Devlopment .
    The Killer is called The Scientist.
    Backstory: Frank Dent researched the entity all his life slowing falling into madness.
    Models of people on meat hooks he made copies of the edge of the hooks and
    even prototype and robot versions of tendrils that seem to been used already
    Failures he apparently called them there was space for two more but it seemed they were taken.
    Days went by cops had no proof to arrest as his models were only models untill
    they searched the basement of his house where bodies hanged up on hooks fresh and new.
    Everything about Frank Dent started to disappear his work his models.
    The nearby office where he worked all day and night disappeared along with the basement and bodies
    He was then forgotten a bad memory in people's heads.
    They searched for a body in the forest all 100 people then disappeared no trace either.
    A body was never found so they presumed everyone dead including Frank Dent but was he?

    The power is Entity's Gift

    The Killer takes 4 seconds to release tendrils from his body.
    He enters a frenzy like state for 8 seconds grabbing survivors.
    Once grabbing a survivor he lifts them up his tendrills stabbing into them.
    Survivors hit by this well have a faster progression on hook by 5 percent.
    He will then be stunned for 4 seconds

    The Mori: He lifts them up with his hook his tendrills ripping at there guts.
    He then flips them over throwing them on their neck breaking it laughing mad.


    Hex: Suffer For every survivor hit you receive a token at 3 tokens healing speed is reduced by 10 20 30 percent.
    At 5 tokens survivors will scream every 30 20 10 seconds.
    (I love the sight of blood! -Frank Dent)

    Death Will Come: When all gates are active your terror raidus will be reduce by
    8 12 and 18 meters does not stack.
    (You won't escape -Frank Dent)

    I Will not be disappointing: When three gens are done and no survivors have been sacrificed
    You see everyone's aura for 5 seconds and everyone will be exposed for 15 seconds.
    (It pleasures it and it gives back. -Vigo's Journal)

    Weapon: A meat hook covered in evil and blood.

    Animation after hitting survivor: He stabs his hand on the edge of the hook
    Swiping the blood.

    Survivor: Calus Kent

    Backstory: Calus Kent was just a volunteer for a search party.
    He was a fighter was everyone's friend raced in running mostly.
    One day he got offered a job to Frank Dent's office he accepted stayed for only 2 months untill he quit.
    He could hear voices and screams at Dent's house and office he couldn't handle anymore and left.
    He went with the search party looking in the forest disappearing with them
    the last thing he saw was black tendrils coming from everywhere.
    He woke up in Dent's office seeing everyone's bodies mangled and ripped apart.
    He started to hear the madman's laugh and knew he had to help anyone alive.


    Fight Back: When you have no items the next chest you search will have a knife.
    Using it will stun a killer for 3. 4. 5. seconds breaking the knife.
    (I won't go down without a fight -Calus Kent)

    Ready Set Go: When starting a Chase you move 160% faster
    70 seconds of Exhaustion.
    (I'm always first -Calus Kent)

    Best Friends: When you find a survivor you and them become bonded.
    Action speeds together increase by 7% 12% 17% auras are revealed to each other
    as well.
    (You're like a sibling to me! -Calus Kent)

  5. Chapter: Deep in the woods

    Killer: the entertainer
    He wears a frowning white mask, and a thin circus costume. He has muscular arms, as well.

    Backstory: Henry Charles was a young adult who LOVED the circus. The acts, the costumes, and his love only increased when he got a job as a circus clown. He quickly learned how to juggle, and do other tricks…but he was bullied by the others. This was unwise for them, due to a surprise act that Henry knew nothing about. The act actually called for the others to insult Henry. His cue came, but he still knew not of the act, and he quickly strangled the other actor to death. Everyone began fleeing the tent, but quickly, Henry tracked down everybody before they could make an escape. He thought about how easily he killed them all, and, with a new sense of mind, took a kitchen knife from a nearby crate, and enter his trailer truck.

    New map: the homey wood
    The homey wood is a series of scattered trailer trucks with many trees all around. Only one trailer truck is one you can climb into. It is dark with one table and no door.

    Perk 1: Rage
    When a survivor is in sight for 10 seconds, speed is increased by 10%. This effect can multiply.

    Perk 2: Humor seeker
    When a survivor is hooked, speed is increased by 20%. This effect can multiply.

    Special ability: Timeless
    When ability is cued, the entertainer will check his watch. If a survivor has not been seen for 20 seconds, a random survivor is shown for 10 seconds. If the Rage effect is active, the survivor will be highlighted for 5 seconds after they vanish from sight.

    More: the entertainer puts his foot on the survivors back, lifts their head, and slits their throat. He then smashes their head into the ground

    New survivor: Samuel Berks
    Take everything from the backstory of Henry, and pretend a child is hidden in the background that Henry missed.

    Perk: Knowledge
    If a generator has not been seen for 60 seconds, all survivors see the nearest one for 20 seconds.

  6. Jesus Christ that ability is all over the place…
    It just makes no sense what the power would be trying to accomplish other than giving a huge debuff to survivors that you… Then cure by hitting them?
    So, they're basically completely fucked, until they get hit by you, then if they heal, you suddenly get unlimited range nurses calling on the heal completion?
    Nothing about the gameplay of this ability makes sense
    I like the backstory, but, the ability is so… Why?

  7. This one is a bit silly but I promise it’s good
    Also the backstory has some warnings for people who’ve been sexually assaulted

    Chapter: Spoiled Rotten
    Martin Stag never asked to be brought into this world and neither did his parents after learning their son was bipolar they left him in the wild to be consumed by the forest until a hiker spotted him and took on that role his real parents left a hole in, he always did terrible in school and picked up cigarettes and booze as a teenager which he was only scolded by his pseudo-parents. After turning 18 he immediately dropped out of high school and was promptly kicked out of his fake family’s house in a fit of the fathers rage. After not being able to find a job for a while and living on the streets he took up a job at a local McCoy market branch and was responsible for throwing away the rotten fruit and vegetables, he started to grow fond of his co-workers and one grew too fond back,female coworker drugged and raped him after they had a drink together. This was Martin’s last straw as the next day he showed up with a makeshift spear made out of utility blades taped to the end of a broken mop and proceeded to carve out the tounge of every person in the store saying “I’m taking the rotten taste out of each mouth”. After that day Martin was never seen again but some still claim to see him wondering around with the smell of rotten produce.

    The new killer for this chapter is the Grocer
    He’ s 62 inches tall, has brown short hair, wears a white button up shirt with a McCoy market apron on, and blue jeans with brown shoes
    His weapon is a makeshift spear made out of a broken mop handle and utility knife blades
    The Grocer is like the doctor and clown combined as he brings a new status effect called disgust. His Power has two parts and is named Stag’s scent. The first part is this: the longer a survivor stays in the Grocer’s terror radius the disgust meter goes up, if it reaches far enough they get the status effect disgusted. Every few seconds a random skillcheck will show up where the survivor will attempt to keep they’re bile in but if they fail they will throw up and will reveal they’re location to the killer. His second part is his rotten produce filled garbage bags that he throws at survivors which creates a cloud of green vapor that will fill up the disgust meter faster the longer the survivor stay in the cloud. Generators now have air fresheners on them which a survivor can do a channel called get fresh air if they stand by them to escape the disgusted status effect
    The Grocer comes with the three new perks
    The first is called Cleanup on isle six: bloodpools no longer exist but scratchmarks stay around for 1%/2%/4% longer
    The second is Hex: waxed hook: when a survivor is sabotaging a hook or trap they have a 4%/6%/8% of failing when the channel is finished and will alert the killer but if they used a toolbox whatever was lost will be given back
    The third is called Taking out the trash: when the last generator is finished whoever is in the last hook state will be revealed and will infinitely get the exposed status

    The new survivor for this chapter is:
    Ashton McCoy

    Ashton McCoy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth with his father being the owner of the popular grocery store chain McCoy markets and never really had to work for anything in his life. Until that was what would be called the McCoy massacre when an employee named Martin Stag had killed and carved out all the tongues of the people in the store and the chain fell into bankruptcy, after that he fell into heavy drinking and decided to find the place that lead into his family’s downfall. After walking into the abandoned market he was put into a choke hold by something and passed out. When he woke up he was in the same place except next to him was the red generator we’re all familiar with
    Ashton comes with three perks
    The first being silver tongue: doing business with a lot of wealthy men has given you quite the persuasive ability, your sacrifice time is and healing speed increased by 2%/3%/4%
    The second being How does this work?: you never really spent a lot of time tinkering with machines and always had someone else fix them for you , your generator repair speed is reduced by 6%/4%/2% but other people working on it with you are increased by 4%/5%/6%
    The third is Fueled by alcohol: you gain a new item called alcohol which you can drink to get a temporary boost in action speed but during the time the effects are active effects similar to the clowns tonic clouds happen.

    The new map is the McCoy market
    (I couldn’t think of a mori sorry T-T)
    The rotten bitter smell of revenge emanates off people every day but only some dare to act on it while the rest of us stay disgusted.

    (So this was my first fan chapter and I think I did pretty good for a start so before you start writing how bad it was please consider that as this was also very hard to think of and it was very time consuming and thank you person who stopped to read this)

  8. ok the last perk is what nurses calling should be that perk sounds really fair but I feel it should only take effect under certain circumstances like you are close/far enough or what not or maybe it has unlimited range but it has a cool down

  9. Chapter: now playing

    Killer: the Pumpkin king

    Summary backstory: miles Wells studied murders in a pumpkin patch, and he had short term memory. He found poisoned victims, and slowly remembered him killing everyone. He embraced it, and dawned a nearby jack o’ lantern. He was now the Pumpkin king.

    Attacks: he. Shoots his pumpkin carving knife forward, and, if attack successful, he holds his knife in front of him for 2 seconds. Other attack is ‘poison Pumpkin’, by setting down a jack o’ lantern. If a survivor is near, they will receive the ‘poison’ effect. This is only undoable by someone healing them. The poison effect lets the Pumpkin king see the survivor anywhere on the map.

    Be free to add any drama to the backstory when creating a video on the Pumpkin king (Miles Wells)

  10. The chapter: the precious child

    The Killer: the kindergarten

    There was a child named Sam Charles. He was one of the most nice and smart kids. And he had plenty of friends. And one day his mother was pregnant. And he was really excited. And he was hoping it was a girl. The day of the baby shower it was a girl. And the mother ask what do you want to name her Sam? And he said "Isabella!". 5 month's later the mother giving birth to Isabella, but the mother was sick. She was keeping it a secret nobody knew but her. While she was giving birth Sam was in the waiting room with his farther. But Sam saw a shadow with red eyes and said slowy "come come." And Sam was about to come but the mother scream. The farther grab Sam arm and ran to the scream. They went to the room and saw the mother and the father said is she here. And she said "SHE DEAD!" Sam cried when he heard those words. And the farther chokes the doctor. And the doctors ran to the father and grabbed him by his arms. And he saw the shadow again and said "come come" And Sam did. As soon as he grab the shadows hand Sam lost his memory. And was never seen again.

    kindergarten power: Creepy Crawly.

    Creepy Crawly is when the kindergarten can clim on walls and jump off the walls to get on the survivors head to get them injured. And cool down is for 18 seconds.

    First perk: Your it
    Your it is that when you find your first victim that survivor is exspose for the rest of the game.

    Second perk: peekaboo
    Peekaboo is when you hook your first victim the entity will block the hook for 30 seconds and the survivors health will not go down.

    Last perk: ready or not here I come
    Ready or not here I come is when your on your last gen you will hear no heart beat till they finish the last gen. And the gen is 30% slower.

    And how the killer picks the survivors up you might be asking well the shadow in the story picks the survivors up. And he will apear when the survivor are down. And he'll do the same with the lockers.

    And the mori is the killer jumps on the survivors head and stabs them with his hard jet toy with nails and twist the survivors neck.

    And i hope you guys like it😊

  11. Can't think of a good chapter name

    Killer: The Taker

    Killer story:
    Ever since Michael Gage could walk, he always loved to explore and experiment with his surroundings. He was very creative and clever. Though his future seemed bright, he struggled to pay attention in his classes, and his family could barely afford to keep him in school. When he turned 15, he started work in his dad's workshop. Michael really liked his job, fix a few things and get payed! When there wasn't much work to be done, he'd be using old metal scraps and tools to make random things. One day he made a blade, a blade he was very proud of. He hooked up some mechanics to his blade so that he could keep it on him at all times; he didn't want his father to see him with it. Michael loved his job until some odd man barged into the workshop with a knife. The man wanted money. Michael's father scrambled to grab some cash to give to the man before his throat was slashed from over the counter. Michael watched as his father gurgled, and as the man sprinted out of the workshop, Michael grabbed a random hook and thew it at the murderer, he screamed and yelled as Michael pulled him closer and closer. With a quick flick of his wrist, Michael's trusty blade became unsheathed and began to carve into the murderer. After it was all done, after he realized what happened, Michael sat next to his father and cried. He felt everything go black and cold. He stood up to see his father's workshop, but it was different. He could sense more intruders. Hook in hand, he wasn't gonna let them go; not after what happened to dad.

    Killer overview:

    With his hook power, The Taker is able to grab survivors from over window frames or pallets, making it very difficult to escape him. With some thinking, a good Taker can easily use their hook for a more defensive approach: survivors can easily be grabbed when doing objectives, healing, sabotaging, or getting friends off hooks. Why give them a chance to run?

    When The Taker has his special blade equipped, he has a 30 meter terror radius. 3 seconds after he switches to his hook, his terror radius becomes 40 meters.

    Killer Perks:

    Two birds, one stone:
    You like to overachieve, and you're very good at it.
    While carrying a survivor, your lunge attacks have a 5,8, and 10% longer range.
    "Let's get this over with"-The Taker

    Not so fast:
    You don't let your prey get away so easily.
    If a survivor begins working on generators, totems, or healing themselves 10 seconds after they escape a chase with you, you will see their aura for 1,3, and 5 seconds.
    "Think it's that easy, huh?"-The Taker

    Your anger only makes you stronger.
    If a survivor blinds you, hits you with firecrackers, or stuns you with a pallet, they will gain the "Exposed" status effect for 10, 15, and 20 seconds.
    "You won't get away with that, you filth!"-The Taker

    (Edit: Fixed some spelling and adjusted some perks)

    Please give feedback.


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