I’ve thrown the blueprint collector at everyenemy at 0 cells and these are all of the outfit i obtained (quickly a video with all weapon will likely be up) bobby’s outfit and neon outfit i am undecided are avaiable on 0 cells i miscliccked and did 2 runs on 1 cell
Golden Outfit – Bobby’s outfit – Neon outfit – Classic Concierge outfit – Classic Conjonctivius outfit – Classic Giant’s outfit – Classic Temporal outfit – The Hand of the King’s outfit
Dead Cells
All 0 Cell Outfit Blueprint and Looks

by leftfornova


  1. Dude, I came to see what the new outfits looked like so I could decide if I wanted to re-install it and get them, but when you changed into them you barely stood still for 1 second so I could see the outfit. Instead you roll around while turning left and right making the camera move around the entire time. Couldn't see the outfit in any detail. Quite annoying.


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