Hey fam! Wanted to drop in and say thanks for a beautiful yr of love & assist. Thank you for being there for me in each manner, each in the good occasions & the low. I hope you all are having a restful, secure Christmas week together with your family members. This will likely be my ultimate video of 2018. Jeremy and I’ve rather a lot of planning on doing for the new yr, and we want you all the greatest in well being, love, success & happiness in 2019! xo -Erica

I’m 5’2″ – 105 lbs. / Size XS or S or 32C in tops / Size 00 or zero or 24 in denims/pants

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➕10 Basics to Start Your Work Wardrobe: http://bit.ly/2PNeDst
➕ Holiday lookbook: http://bit.ly/2PNeDst

– Turtleneck (comparable) [$32] http://bit.ly/2CqMH64 OR thicker turtleneck sweater choice http://bit.ly/2CuatOI
– Gray Plaid Trousers (comparable) [$98] http://bit.ly/2CwImyn
+ Topshop Plaid Trousers (comparable choices): http://bit.ly/2CtivHr
+ BP Plaid pants (beneath $60): http://bit.ly/2T74zbD

– Camel Coat (comparable)
+ [$57] http://bit.ly/2Cu2Wj4
+ [$74] http://bit.ly/2T4mDmR
+ [$99] http://bit.ly/2T7QfzT (open entrance)
+ [$112] http://bit.ly/2CvPQBK (Boucle model)
+ [$175] http://bit.ly/2Cv5zRx
+ [$220] http://bit.ly/2CuVwvT (reg & petite) or http://bit.ly/2T5cdDp (plus)

– Black Pointy Toe Sock Booties [$99] http://bit.ly/2CsoGvE & [$110] http://bit.ly/2T3OV0Y
MORE Sock Booties Under $100
+ [$47] Textured Knit http://bit.ly/2T60pRh
+ [$89] Ribbed Knit http://bit.ly/2T2WvZv
+ [$99] Flared Heel http://bit.ly/2Cv6v8F
+ [$99] Chelsea booties with inset sock http://bit.ly/2CsQwYt

– Gray Striped Sweater [2, $60] http://bit.ly/2T2EtGU
– Cream Tassel Scarf [$38] http://bit.ly/2RuVtFw
– Wide Brim Hat [$25] http://bit.ly/2T3NEXK
– Brown Ankle Booties (comparable) [$198] http://bit.ly/2Cv3WmT
– High Waisted Jeans (comparable) [25 $75] http://bit.ly/2Crgb3L or extra rinses right here: http://bit.ly/2Csr7hG & http://bit.ly/2T4vfK3 & http://bit.ly/2SXKtke
– Shearling Jacket (offered out, comparable) [$158] http://bit.ly/2SZERFW
More Options:
+ [$47] http://bit.ly/2CoR3e2 (Olive Moto)
+ [$179] http://bit.ly/2CoVA0e (Mustard Color)
+ [$144] http://bit.ly/2CnKNTL (Red Moto)
+ [$200] http://bit.ly/2SZRocu (Gray Moto)

– Black Leggings (ON SALE) [$19] http://bit.ly/2T5kx6e & [$20] http://bit.ly/2T72b4U
– Honeycomb Cardigan [2, $36] http://bit.ly/2T5l5Jk or Cableknit various (ON SALE) [ $45] http://bit.ly/2CspOiG
– Fur Hood Parka [4, $399] http://bit.ly/2RqWgHh OR Parka Options UNDER $200: http://bit.ly/2T4KF15
– Pom Pom Beanie [$48] http://bit.ly/2CtF5zU & cheaper choice [$26] http://bit.ly/2T4nuE7
– Tan Scarf [$35] http://bit.ly/2Cs7er4
– Combat Boots ON SALE [$174] http://bit.ly/2Q6IqgB & Similar *ON SALE* [$161] http://bit.ly/2Q7Fr7T

– Brown/Purple Striped Sweater [2P, $60] http://bit.ly/2CtZwwM
– Yellow Boucle Coat [2 $150] http://bit.ly/2QsPCj4 & extra colours [$200] http://bit.ly/2T2OHqL
+ Love this tan plaid coat! [$140] http://bit.ly/2SZIBHu
+ Fleece coat [$130] http://bit.ly/2Cv5kWR
– High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans [25, $75] http://bit.ly/2CqOZSI & [$75] http://bit.ly/2T7RD5z
– Sock Booties (See Above)
– Baker Boy Hat [$35] http://bit.ly/2T4wuZI & [$42] http://bit.ly/2T4wEjM

More Cropped Sweater choices:
+ Gray Cableknit [$65] http://bit.ly/2T760ag
+ Cream Chevron [$55] http://bit.ly/2T2PMPl
+ Yellow Curve Hem [$65] http://bit.ly/2CstaCi
+ Pink/Red [$55] http://bit.ly/2CsT5d3

– Turtleneck (comparable) [$32] http://bit.ly/2CqMH64 OR thicker turtleneck sweater choice http://bit.ly/2CuatOI
– Button Down Dress [2, $ 50] http://bit.ly/2CtO8kg OR a excessive neck plain bodycon midi gown [$50] http://bit.ly/2T2MYlh
– Burgundy Scarf [$29] http://bit.ly/2T3hMCj
– Gucci Disco Bag http://bit.ly/2T2Vbpv
– Camel Coat (see above)
– Stacked Heel Sock Booties [$124] http://bit.ly/2T3hdIH

Music: Joakim Karud http://bit.ly/2H1gjqd

FTC Disclaimer: This video was made in collaboration with Topshop Nordstrom. All gadgets had been nonetheless bought by me w/private funds & all opinions are at all times my very own. Links above are affiliate. THANK YOU in your countless love & assist! Xo -E


  1. All I can think of is how crazy your clothes packing is going to be for the move to CO! I moved from Texas to California recently and i had to do a major purge before packing up. Do you ever get to “borrow” clothes for these shoots and then return ones you don’t want for your personal wardrobe as part of a sponsorship? I think that would be so cool from a sustainability standpoint! Loving your videos!!!


    He is waiting for you while there is grace in a fallen world!

    Beloveds, let your whole life be in His hands and you won't be disappointed

    Nothing in this world can fill the void we all feel!




  3. I love this! Strange thing to wonder, but during that time of the month, I just wanna wear leggings, an oversized sweater with a top not 😂

  4. I like watching your stylish looks. I hope in future I will use your tips to make my wardrobe!! Thanks a lot!! Happy holidays!! And see you next year😘

  5. Love your content! It’s so nice to see a winter styling video that applies to Canadian east coast weather. You nailed it. Best wishes from a Toronto subscriber !

  6. You look gorgeous, Erica, inn all the outfits! Thanks for this video and links. May you and yours have a blessed, safe, and happy holiday season! God bless you!

  7. I love how you re use pieces and not just show them once and introduce all new items each video. I’m more likely to invest in basics when I see you wear the same ones throughout the year!


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