Watch as heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder makes an epic Ring Walk, ahead of his anticipated rematch with Tyson Fury.

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Deontay Wilder’s Ring Walk ahead of heavyweight title fight vs. Tyson Fury | PBC ON FOX



  1. That walk was chilling, I loved it…….. even though he lost the fight… he still got more heart than many If not most men on this earth for even living that life.

  2. It all makes sense now why he lost the fight. Because the suit was too heavy at first
    when I heard about it I thought he was making an all-American classical excuse I triple sneezed but turns out it's because the suit he walked in with was too heavy. Makes more sense now, give my man his belts back! Y'all racist. Givin my man an L because he walked in with his 2 kilo suit, y'all racist man!

  3. If you need to go to these deranged lengths to try and convince people that you're scary and that your race is so great, you're obviously riddled with self doubt and insecurity. Pathetic.

  4. Its crazy…people always glorify death with skulls then get surprised when death comes through the door they opened with their idolatry. Theatrics do no good in a sport of skill, he should try wrestling. His boxing career is dead.


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