Occurred on January 10, 2019 / San Antonio, Texas, USA

“My aunt posted a comment on a post about Donald Trump and a few hours later the secret service came to our home with a local police officer. Before I began recording the agent was trying to intimidate and get in our home without a warrant. After an exchange of words they left.”

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  1. This lady is disrespectful, arrogant and uneducated. Why argue with the guy, all it's going to do is make it worse for herself. It amazes me that moron's like this lady would put herself into this situation. My guess is that she knows no better. You Can't Fix Stupid!!

  2. I hope she gets charged – she is a professional litigant loads of cases taken by her – think she has overplayed her hand – she should have noted when she asked Am I under arrest – the answer was "Not at this *point*"

  3. She'll beat that hands down in court. Her comment: Can someone shoot that fool in between the eyes already and call it a day. How do you know she was talking about POTUS? Did she mention a name? How do you know she was directing that comment towards the idiot I mean POTUS? LMAO

  4. Is it an actual solicitation for murder, or is it an expression of dissent with our current leadership. That is what the Secret Service has to ascertain.

  5. I don't agree with making comments like that, however, this woman handled the situation perfectly to defend her rights. Any time the police want to talk to you, make sure to record it and do not answer any questions until you have an attorney present.

  6. Any ad hominem attack against this lady does not negate the fact that she handled those guys. Period. And she was right.

    She posted a rhetorical question (CAN some one shoot Trump), not a declarative statement (such as GO shoot Trump). Here's an example: when Trump said at one of his rallies "Can someone get this guy (a dissenter in the audience) out of here?", that can be seen as a rhetorical statement. It was only when Trump followed up with "Get him out!" that his words became declarative and inciteful, resulting in the agitator getting punched and Trump being held criminally liable.

    Oh…wait…Trump didn't get in trouble for that. He was applauded.

  7. Oh she thinks this is over. They are not just going to just leave you alone when you make a comment like that about the president. Come on people their is to investigate any threat against the president. You can call him stupid a racist a pig but you can't ask someone to kill him that is considered soliciting a hitman. If somebody would have shot the president and said that they did it cause she ask them to then she would be investigated and her world be turned upside down and no one would care about her dumb ass.

  8. Just say lawyer, right to remain silent. 1 st amendment. No you did not commit a crime. No its not mandatory. Yes i decline your interview. Yeah we dont like you secret service.

  9. There are many mentally ill people who would see her comment as a call to action. Making flippant comments about someone’s murder shows inability to control her emotions by lashing out. You can not call for the murder of people who you just don’t like.

  10. great job,love it, trump is a gangster and narcissist completely ignorant,stubborn,absolute childlike behavior the world laughs at him and the supporters are blind and deaf,poor america !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lol right wingers only care about things like free speech and states rights when it is opportune. That's because they are completely unprincipled.

  12. Oh Jeeze – her elevator doesn't go to the top floor😲
    OBVIOUS she has no education, is on welfare and possibly illegal. Legal informed people know the laws attached to free speech and soliciting someone to kill my President is one of those laws. Is she Squeeky Junior, only larger?

  13. Ironically if she typed about Qanon, Facebook would have banned her comment but this passed. Get a camera and think you are the victim for asking someone to kill the President. Lord I pray this type of evil ends. Amen

  14. Maybe if the smart arse can read should read the constitution on freedom of speech. No we're does it give u the right to violence, threats of bodily harm, or death threats. So let me get this straight if someone said the same thing to her she would say freedom of speech. Bet she would call the police. A real live nutcase in this one.


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