Everything that you must know concerning the new Halloween Community Event.

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  1. I don't want to sound ungrateful but they could have done a little more, like making the Volatiles werewolfs, the Biters vampires and the Demolisher Frankenstein, something like that.

  2. Ali, lets play.. add me in steam, i want to play with you.. MblaxxHD, i only have dying light, no bozak horde and following dlc.. lets play in campaign.. been baring myself on playing crack before.. but my friend gifted me dying light only still im happy though, i'll be happy to play with you.. lets play.. 😁✌ can i copy your old gold weapons?

  3. This isn’t related with the subject.

    Has anyone noticed how after finishing the main story everything suddenly gets a bit easier, for example: before you would have recently turned vitals leaning against walls at corners or coming out of the sewers and breaking through windows as you travel, bombers mixed among the crowd of zombies, and the goons had spin attacks and would wander the roads and streets, then there’s the less notable look of the zombies like very pale skin tones. Point is everything suddenly became easier after beating Rias. Why? I have no idea.

  4. Techland has discovered Purple Drank AKA Lean. All you needed to collect was some cough syrup, Skittles, and Sprite. lol

  5. What would i do with out this channel lol love this channel for updates and stuff oh and i got every thing done and zombies will drop the potion and i shot a lot of zombies and some droped potions and no viruels even tho i shot like 1000 rounds lol

  6. Nello store italiano il prezzo era di 20 euro fino al 2 novembre alle 12 e 59. Non so perché ma è tornato a costare 50 euro 12 ore prima. Qualcuno sa il perché?

  7. Ali theres something that happend to me at night I was killing night walkers normal zombies than I heard a strange sound I was looking where it was but it was a horde zombie while I wasn't even playing night invasion!

  8. For the love of God, I'm so tired of these super short events trying to make you play this game with small things like cosmetics or live events just to have you play it again. The game itself however is boring after playing the whole thing for a second time and yet they don't stop. How about adding new mechanics/new zombie types than just reskins of stuff?

  9. I wish that they gave us that goon glowing mask instead of this another regular mask which like 5 or more ingame already. Waste of that looks, its so cool looking at the goons

  10. Imagine if the next dlc is dead island special infected like butcher, thug, suicider, wrestler, ram, floater, gerneder, screamer, and drowner.

  11. Hey BestGamerAli! I messaged you before and never realised you replied to me! I was wondering if you could drop me some things on PS4? If you could I would be really grateful! Psn:OmgAshleyBtw Thx!

  12. I wish they were small just like the easter egg hunt that will be soo cute!! Btw dying light should have pets and you can have a zombie as a pet that would be cool


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