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Hi Everyone! This has been a HIGHLY REQUESTED VID, so as we speak I shall be sharing with you my ENTIRE HERMES DESIGNER BAG COLLECTION with mod photographs. Pls remark under what’s your fave piece from my assortment or a chunk you suppose I ought to add to my assortment. Thank you a lot for watching and I hope you get pleasure from! xx Mel

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Inserts I like to recommend and use for my Hermes Birkin/Kelly
7RP Website: https://7rueparadis.com/shop-linsert
** replace this code remains to be legitimate Enter CODE: “25OFF1” to get 25€ OFF 1 Insert

***Expired or ENTER “70OFF2” TO GET 70€ OFF ANY 2 INSERTS (sure any dimension or combo on their web site) SAVE $$$$

Applies to all inserts! Birkin, Kelly & Evelyne (they only launched a brand new TPM dimension for the Mini Evelyne too) and consists of FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!
HURRY ENDS 17/3/19
*inserts proven had been gifted (besides the gold Kelly insert)

Watch subsequent:

Birkin vs Kelly Bag – In depth Comparison Video: https://youtu.be/hYRxIujxQ9I

HERMES PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXFkFZ1VdFWrjOtAHSj_jpkzucB-aE33d

I’ve LISTED under LINKS to both the EXACT or very related kinds/colors as mine. Most are preloved as you possibly can’t purchase Birkins/Kellys on the Hermes web site.

BAGS SHOWN (so as)
for reference I’m 164cm tall approx 5’5

1. Jige Elan 29 Epsom Bougainvillea – related col http://bit.ly/2EMRNcV and LOVE this color! http://bit.ly/2EQEVT5

2. Birkin 30 Togo Malachite PHW: http://bit.ly/2ENrCD6 or http://bit.ly/2EN7xg6

3. Kelly 32 Retourne Togo Gold PHW: http://bit.ly/2EOoyGH or http://bit.ly/2ENs6sU

4. Birkin 30 Epsom Black GHW: http://bit.ly/2Tr2bkU or http://bit.ly/2ES7yzp

5. Jige Elan 29 Swift Argile: related col http://bit.ly/2ENMeLn or
Love this classic impartial one! Good value http://bit.ly/2EO69ty

6. Grooming bag: http://bit.ly/2Tq81CZ or this can be a nice value http://bit.ly/2TqUXNE

7. Birkin 25 Togo Gris Tourterelle PHW: http://bit.ly/2TuOjWy
LOVE this gray too! http://bit.ly/2ESFPi9 or restricted version right here http://bit.ly/2Tsvof3

8. Kelly 28 Sellier Epsom Black PHW: http://bit.ly/2ESFewz or http://bit.ly/2EPJOvP, Fab classic model: http://bit.ly/2ERDbc6

9. Picotin 18, Clemence Feu PHW: related http://bit.ly/2TpANnj orhttp://bit.ly/2ENOWR3

10. Kelly 40 Transparent Vintage Bag Ghw

11. Birkin 25 Togo Magnolia PHW: http://bit.ly/2ESFYCd or one other attractive pink: http://bit.ly/2EMJ1LV

12. Kelly 25 Sellier Epsom Blue Encre PHW:
related right here: http://bit.ly/2ELObrE or http://bit.ly/2ERnLEQ
black http://bit.ly/2ERDKCK

13. Picotin 22 contact, Clemence Black GHW: related http://bit.ly/2ESb5xF or http://bit.ly/2ToKHp4

14. Kelly Pochette Swift Rose Poupre PHW: http://bit.ly/2Tv2BXi, good value right here: http://bit.ly/2EOsGqb
Adore this one: http://bit.ly/2Tv2f2U

Top: Hemes (bought out)
Earrings: Chaine d’ancre enchainee earrings- Large mannequin
Ring: sorry cannot discover on web site

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored video. All opinions are my very own and all Hermes baggage had been bought on my own. Some of the hyperlinks included in my movies are affiliate hyperlinks. #designerbagcollection #baginserts #hermescollection #melinmelbourne


  1. Hi Mel! I loved this video, it was nice to see your entire collection, it is totally incredible. In the last year I have started slowly growing my Hermes collection, I really want to get a Birkin. I wanted to ask what tips you have for getting a Birkin/Kelly from your local store? I gently asked my SA and she smiled and said no they don't have anything, but I got the feeling she wasn't being honest about that. Anyhow, I know you're a fan of getting them when traveling abroad. Do you think its worth trying to get my first one in Paris? Do you think it helps to already have a Birkin/Kelly from your local store if you already have one?

  2. Mel. I realize you’ve been to the Paris stores quite a bit, do you need an appointment to simply shop in the store, or only if you want a Birkin or Kelly?

  3. I love all your hermes collections.
    I want to have one and finally my husband said yes it’s for our 30 years anniversary
    I want a birkin 30 or Kelly 25 . Hopefully you can help me. Thank you

  4. new subbie here… you are one of few luxury youtubers who feels so genuine and grateful for all the blessings you have. It truly radiates in your videos!! My fave is the black birkin 30. Im fairly simple and classic in my own style and love everyday types of bags

  5. o m g your hermes collection is amazing. Love the spread of colors and sizes. Thank you for sharing some of the different types of Kelly. It is very helpful. Perhaps you can do an in depth/info session on Hermes bags? I would love more information before going in for my first one!

  6. I'm having a hard time deciding what to add to my collection. I own K28 retourne. Would you suggest Birkin 30, Kelly 25 sellier or Kelly 28 sellier? What do you find to be the most versatile?

  7. I love your videos. They are so informative and you make them fun to watch.
    Living vicariously through you until I can score a Birkin or a Kelly. I loved Birkins more than Kelly's but now watching this video I think I like Kelly's better!!! 🤔☺😁👛


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