Pre-order Old Glory right here:

We have been stoked to have Jared James Nichols cease by the store, riff out on some rad classic guitars and inform us about his new signature Epiphone “Old Glory” Les Paul custom outfit guitar popping out quickly!


  1. Tone and skill aside, my favorite part about watching this guy play is how much he’s FEELING the music between the constantly foot tapping and his facial expressions, he is really connected to his instrument and what he’s playing. It’s cool as hell to watch.

    Like a P-bass, LP Juniors are the epitome of less is more. You get either one in the hands of the right player, and magic happens.

  2. Was lucky enough to try out Jared's guitar in Portland a little while ago! He's a class act and his guitar is way rad! Plays well and is simple, straight up rock and roll!

  3. Yes! Love seeing Jared popping up EVERYWHERE now. Been following since early last year, met him too. It's always great when the great guitar players are also kind

  4. That's Something New To Me WOW That Epiphone Les Paul 🎸 Awesome and it 🤘 🎸 . Lol TroyFrost / Troyster 😎 CoolRiffs 😎 Cool 🎸🤘🤘🤘


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