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0:13 How are you able to get hold of the Dragon Horn Outfit Style?

Female – Default Colors
Light Armor: Divine Gold / Legate’s Black / Julianos White
Medium Armor: Legate’s Black / Stalhrim Chrome / Rank 4 Materials
Heavy Armor: Falinesti Green / Antique Brass / Viridian Venom
Male armor:
Light Armor:
Jerkin 0:13
Robe 0:43
Medium Armor 0:58
Heavy Armor 1:28

Bow 1:58
Axe 2:06
Mace 2:13
Sword 2:20
Dagger 2:27
Shield 2:34

Battle Axe 2:41
Maul 2:49
Greatsword 2:56

Staff: 3:04

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Game: The Elder Scrolls Online
Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game
Author: Tianlein


  1. I made a nasty little vampire necromancer, and I use pieces of this set with the new dragon scale pieces and I think a smidge of Morag Tong to make him extra boney. I really like the light helmet.

  2. Nice video, when i asked you to make a video about this set i didnt think you would actually do it 🙂 you are a amazing youtuber keep up the great work.


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