I’ve one other Holiday outfit for you this week and a few Clinique, Chanel and LimeLife make-up I feel you’ll love! Plus, a brand new perfume and extra! 💟Lisa

Monat ~ http://lisalisad1.mymonat.com/
My Blog/Store~http://www.lisalisad1.com
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My Jumpsuit (Medium)~http://bit.ly/2RW0xD2 http://bit.ly/2Qvelrx
All NKamali Jumpsuits~ I like the purple! http://bit.ly/2QyQsPM

Dean Davidson Castle Ring~ http://bit.ly/2Qz1iFi
Sheila Fajl Favorite Hoops~ https://www.lisalisad1.com/store/Sheila-Fajl-Everybodys-Favorite-Hoops-p22168543

Denise’s Instagram~ https://www.instagram.com/denisefromthecity/
Diptique Candle~http://bit.ly/2QAjNsX set~http://bit.ly/2S2HTtg

KKW Body Fragrance (we additionally received a FUZZY YUMMY gray gown with this GWP) http://bit.ly/2QC6OHu
🍑KKW Peach Fragrance~ http://bit.ly/2S6YQ5S
Laura Gellar Body Bronzer Tahitian Glow~ http://bit.ly/2S3w7yO
Real Technique Brush that will be nice to make use of with Body Bronzer~http://bit.ly/2QwnArb (BOGO half)
Andrea Ali Channel~https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcng5aBy0ZmX7g2PfHf4gJA/featured
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder Medium~http://bit.ly/2QAUzuN
Cinique Blush Cupid~http://bit.ly/2QxkIup (GWP @ Nordstrom/Clinique)
Nars I passioned (talked about)~http://bit.ly/2RWFb8h http://bit.ly/2QvOBLu
Clinique Chubby Sculpting Contour~http://bit.ly/2Qz46SY http://bit.ly/2S20HZo
Clinique Chubby Stick Highlight~http://bit.ly/2QwNxak http://bit.ly/2QtiyM6
Tarte ShapeTape Eye Primer~(Love this, no creasing all day) http://bit.ly/2QyHAta

Limelife by Alcone~ https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/ckamberis
HoliBall (customizable)~ https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/ckamberis/product/LLHOLIBC?class=Holiday
Brow Gel Light~https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/ckamberis/product/LLBG?class=Eyes
Lip glosses in Wish and Peace(I’m carrying Peace)~https://www.limelifebyalcone.com/ckamberis/product/AAHLG?class=Lips

Algenist GENIUS Line~ http://bit.ly/2RZRsZR

Steve Madden Boots~http://bit.ly/2QubdMg
Tuxedo/Blazer/Jacket Style attire (scroll to backside for extra) http://bit.ly/2QAJAkL
Love this belt~ http://bit.ly/2QyPQJY
Belt Bag~ http://bit.ly/2S3sdWG
Glitter Bag (love this)~ http://bit.ly/2QwJtGX
Coat dresses~ http://bit.ly/2QtXBAR
**This little brush equipment has a very cute clutch with it! http://bit.ly/2S3IqLm

Today I’m Wearing~
PCA Hyaluronic Serum~http://bit.ly/2BYxaKH
YSL All Hours Primer~http://bit.ly/2CWvsaT
YSL All Hours BD35~http://bit.ly/2NZnSkn
Clinique Contour and Highlight~hyperlinks above
Clinique Blush Cupid~Links above
Maybelline DreamLumi Radiant~http://bit.ly/2NOalMU
Clinique Brow Pencil Soft Brown~http://bit.ly/2S1qm4B
Limelife Brow Gel gentle~hyperlink above
Tarte Lid Primer~http://bit.ly/2QyHAta
Limelife Bronzer for shadow~Perfect Matte/hyperlink above for Limelife
Limelife Shadow Parfait
Stila Glitter from equipment/Smoldering Satin~ http://bit.ly/2QKGc2R
Clinique Pretty Easy Liner~http://bit.ly/2QvSrUU
Benefit Roller lash high and backside~ http://bit.ly/2Qu5jLj
House of Lashes Iconic Light~ http://bit.ly/2QwRI60
Urban Decay Smoke Liner for decrease waterline~love this! http://bit.ly/2Qw3DRf
Dior Linen lip liner/Discontinued however much like Lancome Ideal and Tilbury Iconic Nude
Limelife Lip Gloss ~ hyperlink above
Nails~ Deborah Lippmann Love within the Dunes https://www.deborahlippmann.com/love-in-the-dunes

Hair Products Used~ 👸
My Monat Website~ http://lisalisad1.mymonat.com/
Monat Renew Shampoo, Advanced Hydrating Conditioner
Gisou Heat Protectant~ https://www.gisou.com/#home
T3 Hair Dryer(mine is the older mannequin of this) http://bit.ly/2QxuI6D
Babyliss Flat Iron Curved~ http://bit.ly/2QSYeDk
L’Oreal Elnet Hairspray~http://bit.ly/2RZS4OZ

My Camera~ http://bit.ly/2u4PU7W
Tripod~ http://bit.ly/2u4uE2m
iMovie for modifying 🎥

💕 Some hyperlinks used are affiliate ~Thank you on your assist! 💗 Lisa


  1. Hey Lisa! Gorgeous goodies this week! The baby pink blush is so pretty and a colour I don not have. I have the Clinique chubby stick bronzer and a chubby stick blush in Robust Rhubarb (a colour I think you would love!). It's a lovely soft peachy/coral and is so easy to blend out or build up. I love your jumpsuit. Have a wonderful day, pretty girl. xoxo Daphne <3

  2. Pretty tree and killer jumpsuit! Had a major flashback..my first Christmas tree after getting married was a silver tinsel tree and we had a light behind the tree that turned changing colors. Love that you are doing more videos. Keep them coming.

  3. Wow Lisa great video Really want to try the line life eye product! Thanks for the link ! I love the Algenist genius Line. Very nice pkg you received look forward to your thoughts on this line. Lisa I just want to tell you that you have that voice that just calms the soul! Really enjoy your channel. Have a great holiday season💕. Oh I just found your tutorial with the Line Life. Wahoo!

  4. You look amazing in that jumpsuit! I couldn’t pull off the one shoulder look due to batwings but maybe your next video will change all that 🙂 I commented on Brooke’s video that Chanel really needs her own channel-she loves the camera!

  5. One of my favorite trees I’ve ever had was a random tree from out in the country that wasn’t even a Christmas tree.. it had these long, empty branches that swooped upwards with just a few pine needles here and there! This year we got a very sparse silver tip! I think your house would even look good with a few small table too Charlie Brown type trees throughout the house!

  6. Great look once again Lisa! You look so put together and your skin is looking fabulous! Loving that eye look.I'm going to recreate it from what I have here. Thank you, I always love watching your videos. They always inspire me and put me in a good mood!! 🙂 ~Angie~

  7. Those aluminum trees are beautiful but my sisters cat cut her eye on one of the branches, and I’d be afraid of chewing on the tree if your cats are chewers.

  8. Love that pant jumpsuit. The length looks perfect. I find most to be way too short once I get my heels on. Just ordered a fabulous black dress from Nordstrom that I am very excited to get. I will share details if it’s a good one! Xoxo 💋

  9. You are on a roll and love seeing extra Lisa videos!! Love your ideas and love how well you do your makeup, excited to see what you think of the skincare you were given. Love the tree and you look lovely as always. You are a bright spot of the day, so happy for your happiness . Hugs to you <3 xoxo

  10. Thank you for posting this, I got some great ideas! You look amazing! Every time I watch a new video I sware you look younger! Merry Christmas to you & your family & may your holidays be blessed❤️ Thank you for always inspiring me.

  11. Running out to buy the Cupid blush. I bought the Caramel eye stick from Laura Mercier and I love it. Thanks Lisa you have been doing great videos!

  12. ❤💚❤🕇MERRY CHRISTMAS BEAUTIFUL!❤💚❤ I loooove your juimpsuits! Easy yet classy and gorgeous! Your hair looks absolutely beautiful too! Thank you for all that you do! I'm grateful for the extra videos! Learning so much more! THANK YOU! p.s. Tammy Tue ed me to Algenist cleanser and I've been in love since then! Looking forward to the review!🤗🤗🤗💛🌼💛🕇May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you like crazy!💛🌼💛

  13. Anthro is having a 30% off sale right now!! some goodies! But..You look incredible!! and of course im loving this roll youre on. but i can tell everyone in the comments is also loving it!!!! that gloss looks so good on you. and that outit?!?! perfect. xoxox


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