Versatility ought to be one of many guiding Ideas of any man’s wardrobe. With that in thoughts, I’ve put collectively a fall capsule wardrobe. 20 items, 10 totally different outfits. Enjoy.

▪ Medium Grey Flannel Suit →
▪ Plaid Sportcoat →
▪ White OCBD →
▪ Striped Dress Shirt →
▪ Western Denim Shirt →
▪ Turtleneck Sweater →
▪ V-Neck Sweater →
▪ Tweed Waistcoat →
▪ Dark Denim Jeans →
▪ Brown Trousers →
▪ Navy Coat →
▪ Navy Peacoat (related) →
▪ Suede Trucker Jacket →
▪ Wingtip Lace-ups →
▪ Tassel Loafers →
▪ Wingtip Dress Boots →
▪ Chelsea Boots (related) →
▪ Patterned Tie (related) →
▪ Lightweight Silk Scarf (offered out, additionally cool) →
▪ Felt Fedora (related) →

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▪ Canon C100 Mark II →
▪ Sony a7R III →
▪ Sony FE 24-70mm GM Lens →
▪ Feelworld 7″ 4K Monitor →
▪ Sennheiser Shotgun Mic →
▪ Lightpanels Astra LED Panels →
▪ Impact Stands →

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▪ Lynsey Eaton →

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  1. All outfits with grey v-neck sweater would have been better in a dark brown color, but other than that! Great video with great tips for mixing and matching colors and texture 👏

  2. Absolutely love this video! Definitely have to bring in a pair of brown trousers into my rotation… Do you have plans for a summer capsule? As I think that’s the season I struggle with most for work

  3. I agree with the majority of the comments and just wanted to say that although capsule wardrobe videos have been done numerous times before, the way this one in particular was executed is one of my personal favorites. I wouldn’t consider myself a style novice by any means yet I still got inspiration from this video. I encourage you to do much more videos like this, and maybe a fall capsule pt. 2 if you can

  4. Hi Brian, loved the video. I have a question on look 4; Don't you think a turtleneck and a scarf together add redundancy and therefore take away the practicality from the outfit?

  5. I will echo others when I say this is one of the best videos I've ever seen on men's style. I love all the looks. You nailed it. Wish I would have seen this years ago. Look forward to the store opening. Thanks for doing this video, it gives me excellent ideas since i am built very similar.

  6. I thought suit pants & jacket shouldn't be worn separately. Granted this suit material was heavier. I liked all those ensembles. Wish fedora would come mainstream again

  7. Are flood pants…as in high waters…acceptable as certain other mens' channels suggest? I find them dorky. Also, I live in south Florida…so coats, jackets, sweathers… not so much. Torture.

  8. GOORIN BROTHERS!!! Best hatmakers this side of Sol. Excellent outfits, mate. The flannel, vest and turtleneck are killer. Please do more of these… 👊🏿🧔🏾
    Lastly, lapels on blazer/suit jacket are THE RIGHT WIDTH. 😆

  9. This video was bad-assed. Organized and formatted very well. Got right down to the goods from the start of the vid and kicked ass to the end. Great content. Really enjoyed the format. Should probably use it more often.

  10. You linked to the J Crew peacoat and while kind of similar it's no where near as nice as the one you are wearing. What brand is the peacoat in the video please?


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