Description :
Fall vogue 2019
Title: Last Summer
Artist: Ikson
Genre: Dance & Electronic
Mood: Bright
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  1. Hey, Your videos are so lovely. I adore watching you. It might be an idea for you to do a video about what YouTube channels you enjoy watching. I need some more people who are as intelligent and talented as you are. Thank you for making your videos!

  2. من سحر لي يكرهني لكون جميلة او اهتم بنفسي 7 سنوات سحر بالجن و تعديب حتى اصبحت دمار و خراب حمادة و المصري مسمومين و محسادة رجالة اروني في حياتي الدمار و الخراب بجميع اشكاله طلعت صبارة رغما عني صحتي ماتت متت و انا حية شفارة لصوص نصابةخطيرين

  3. You do so well with images of the younger generation. You may do just as well with images of the older generations as well. Just a thought…


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