Pumpkin Spice is BACK! Oops, improper description.. CC FREE LOOKBOOK’S ARE BACK! I missed doing these and I like utilizing in-game gadgets to create dynamite seems. Are you able to FALL into fashion?
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Origin ID: OshinSims
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Q: Where do you get your customized content material?
something I obtain can be right here: https://oshinsimfinds.tumblr.com/

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Q: What are your pc specs?
my pc specs are in my ‘about’ part on my channel web page

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t w i t t e r: https://twitter.com/oshinsims_
t u m b l r: https://oshinsims.tumblr.com/

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  1. Love this! I'm one of those people that enjoys it all. I use cc, sometimes I don't it just depends on how I'm feeling. I definitely feel like the clothing that comes with the game is a specific aesthetic that I sometimes want to get away from but I always know if I wanted I can play vanilla and still love my creation

  2. straight up, my laptop just died and I have quite possibly lost my whole cc collection 🤧 so it's kind of reassuring to remember that there's so much you can do with the cc free game

  3. Oshin you kill girl! I love this so much I'm highly addicted to CC but this legit made me want to clean all of the excess out of my game thank you so much as always keep up the creativity and keep at it.

  4. Hiya, this is a kinda random request, but I always really love your taste in simming music (if that's a thing) and I feel like it would be really cool if you shared a playlist of songs to listen to whilst simming! I'm sure it would be really time-consuming so don't worry about it, but just an idea 😛 Anyways I loved the video, I'm loving the cc free style. Also (wow this is a long comment, it's just that you always reply so I wanna put in the effort) One of my favourite 'cc free' simblrs is anotherplumbob, I don't know if you know him? He's very nice and his stories are very creative and I love his builds because they feel realistic and not overly glamorous. Anyways, yeah, thank you for the video!!

  5. thank you for this! i’m not cc free yet but i’m scaling back significantly & this helps me to see individual pieces in new combos to spice up my Sims’ wardrobes.

  6. I'm just so happy 🥺⭐ this is amazing! Since I saw your retweet I'm in need for more and booom here we have 🌟💕 I'm so grateful that I got to know your channel it's rare to find cc free content. And your voice is so relaxing, love your gameplays too 💜 Thank you!!! 🤩 U have a fan from brazil here 🤭

  7. Love this!! You are so talented. I really miss your CAS. Your sims weren't cookie cut outs. They were flawed, beautiful and they had individuality. I could feel their presence coming through, their personality and boi I miss it. I wish your soulmate CAS would return because it was one, inspirational and two, entertaining as hell.

  8. I did a cleaning in mods folder I even deleted a whole lot of cc that I noticed I wasn’t using anymore. I have all the packs & noticed yesterday I didn’t need any cc but skin.


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