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I’m 5’2″ 105 lbs | Size XS/S or 32C in TOPS | Size 00/zero or 23/24 in BOTTOMS

● S H O E S + B A G S
– Faux croc work tote [128] http://bit.ly/2NIpLUf
– Weekender convertible bag [118] http://bit.ly/2Nhku7t & is available in Mini measurement [88] http://bit.ly/2WGxeHP
– Shearling fanny pack [48] http://bit.ly/2CenwTo
– Black/Tan tote http://bit.ly/2JM5bRS & zippered http://bit.ly/2PNT6zo
– Black suitcase (related) http://bit.ly/32fVNfG

Supersoft scarf [28] http://bit.ly/2NEipkJ

– Slip on sneaks http://bit.ly/2JQ6XBq & lace ups http://bit.ly/2PSRtjQ
– Adidas swifts http://bit.ly/2NAQlPi
– Sorel boots http://bit.ly/2AVgW3y (full choice) http://bit.ly/2WIfI5I

– Long sleeve tee [25] http://bit.ly/2WJ62bl
– Black ripped knee denims (related all 75) http://bit.ly/2p2HD3P http://bit.ly/2CdFlSG http://bit.ly/36xmBeP
+ Camel coats:
Collarless [99] http://bit.ly/2CcU5kL
Longline [100] http://bit.ly/2qihsH0 & http://bit.ly/2oI5cim
Hooded, tie waist [108] http://bit.ly/32eXSIM
Light day coat [125] http://bit.ly/33h3EuV
Double breasted [130] http://bit.ly/2WIs1ix
Madewell http://bit.ly/2WJkujB http://bit.ly/33haArX

– Faux leather-based biker pants [2, 75] http://bit.ly/36ropG6 or in legging type http://bit.ly/2pGvlia
– Button down [00 50] http://bit.ly/2r8MX6x or http://bit.ly/36sAMBX
– Wool drape coat (related) http://bit.ly/2PJatkZ

– Sweater [XS 128] http://bit.ly/2NgJ6wX
– Faux leather-based leggings [XS 98] http://bit.ly/2NNQWR1 & http://bit.ly/36wLzLj (petite sizes)

– Cowl neck sweater (related) http://bit.ly/2CdJHt0 & tunic http://bit.ly/2NEzgnI
– Puff vest (related) http://bit.ly/32lyvFv & http://bit.ly/33nmm4c
OR fleece lined quilted vest http://bit.ly/2qhdDlf
– Patagonia sweater jacket http://bit.ly/33iz0Bf

– Matching set TOP [XS 39] http://bit.ly/2CdcoWV & BOTTOMS http://bit.ly/32hJbVw

– Rust coat [2,125] http://bit.ly/2oLeHxh & is available in a thick boucle http://bit.ly/2WJy5r9
– Faux leather-based moto jacket [XS 98] http://bit.ly/2WJtzsH & http://bit.ly/2WFVv0D

casual DENIM
– Shearling denim jacket (related 128) http://bit.ly/2oLg1jJ & http://bit.ly/34u3znO
– Black joggers (related 39) http://bit.ly/2Cfeups
– Crew sweatshirt (related 55) http://bit.ly/2NeJgoE
+ OR
Fleecey sweatshirt http://bit.ly/36zbfXF
Recycled cotton sweatshirt http://bit.ly/2Nhd6cc
Turtleneck sweatshirt http://bit.ly/2WJJnvw

– Half Zip Pullover (related $45) http://bit.ly/2NdwK8K
– Turtleneck [19] http://bit.ly/2qhe0fD additionally love cowl neck one http://bit.ly/33l13QA
– GM Blue Jeans [00 169] http://bit.ly/2rdlQHG or extra inexpensive TS [70] http://bit.ly/32g0YMD
– Coated pants (outdated, latest variations) http://bit.ly/36xEaLD & http://bit.ly/2qlsHhJ

– Teddy Jacket (actual, however tan offered out) http://bit.ly/32cgokZ here’s a related in tan http://bit.ly/2Ne11UZ
+ MORE snuggly choices:
Wubby fleece pullover [49] http://bit.ly/2NhwxBw
Cropped bombers [98] http://bit.ly/2pKm0WD & http://bit.ly/33resH3
Cozy days jacket [69] http://bit.ly/33gZVxh
Faux fur teddy LONG [105] http://bit.ly/2pGc7sX & CROPPED http://bit.ly/2FUFc8L
Collared wubby [88] http://bit.ly/2CdocbH
Full fake shearling coat http://bit.ly/2PMVkyV
UNDER 4100 fake fur coat http://bit.ly/34u8Cob

-Gray coat (related 78) http://bit.ly/33gWbM9 or this inexpensive fleece possibility $55 http://bit.ly/2Nhp5q4 or good premium wrap coat http://bit.ly/2pKmSKT
– Striped lengthy sleeve http://bit.ly/36AHcia (*FAVE primary*)
– Distressed denims (related below 100) http://bit.ly/33hgycl & http://bit.ly/2Nhxo5p & http://bit.ly/2oQCk7O (mother model)

– Plaid coat (related) http://bit.ly/2PMUkes & http://bit.ly/2Cfb5XI
– Cream delicate sweater [39] http://bit.ly/2WGm9q2
– Blue Jeans [00 169] http://bit.ly/2rdlQHG or extra inexpensive TS [70] http://bit.ly/32g0YMD

– Gray athletic hoodie pullover (related) http://bit.ly/2WNUT99
+ Hoodie choices:
Ribbed [41] http://bit.ly/2oRDGiI & http://bit.ly/2NJsHAl
Speckled cropped [48] http://bit.ly/2PNWRos
Teddy hoodie [49] http://bit.ly/33hEYCw
Quarter zip http://bit.ly/36xwIQP

– Parka Options (related)
http://bit.ly/33ixuz5 (fake shearling)
http://bit.ly/2WI7FG8 (fake fur trim)
http://bit.ly/2Nk2CsB & http://bit.ly/2NiOHTv (topshop)
http://bit.ly/36AUICq (premium JCrew)
– Zella leggings [XXS 59] http://bit.ly/2p5nlq8

Also love this fleece lined quilted utility jacket [88] http://bit.ly/33gxUGl


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FTC: This video was sponsored by Nordstrom. All objects had been bought with private funds & all opinions are all the time my very own. Affiliate hyperlinks above. THANK YOU to your limitless love & help! 🙂



  1. Funny enough I’m traveling tomorrow and picked a cute black monochromatic outfit from head to toe. I wouldn’t wear most of these looks but they look nice on her.

  2. Sorry, I don't find jeans with rips and holes very chic. It's not the type of clothing that makes a woman look chic or sophisticated; more likely, it's a look that conveys an inelegant and graceless, if not a downright tacky image.

  3. Congrats you actually got fashion sence and you don't add years to people like some people hint hint clothes can also add years to person and people think is plastic surgery the way out.

  4. I really love your style! I would love to see these outfits on different body types every once in awhile too, so I could understand how to dress for my body shape. When I try to copy these, they look frumpy on me so it would be super helpful to mix things up with other models as well 🤗

  5. absolutely live for your lookbooks and your recommendations. also love how you organize and list everything in the description box, its so easy to look things up and buy things (DANGER).

  6. Loved this video ! I will be visiting my mom who lives in Florida, St Augustine in January so I want to be comfortable and look good ! All great outfits 👍🏻Thanks 😌🍂🍁


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