This is a information to assist get all civil warfare outfit plans from the uncommon civil warfare reenactor spawn.

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  1. I'm now more interested in what gun you're using! I'm a shotgun player myself but taking out a deathclaw in one shot never happens. What are you using & what build to assist the weapon?

  2. Just found another spawn! It's near the Overseer's Camp, just past the white truck to the south. Next to the road to flatwoods. I got it there on my second try.

    Edit: I keep grinding the spot, on my 3rd time getting the reenactor the game spawned him dressed in Fisherman's Overalls with no plans on him, only a Black Powder Pistol, 1 .50 Caliber Ball and the holotape.
    Edit2: The same thing happened a second time in a row, damn my luck.
    Edit3: Ok, I'm getting the reenactor to spawn pretty commonly now, however 60% of the time it's the fisherman that has no plans. Just be aware that is a real possibility and another way the game can make you angry.

  3. Did this 50 times, never got the right random encounter… Edit: And on the 54th time, I found the correct encounter, and got the plans for the civil war top hat. Guess I need a few hundred more for the outfit…lol. Edit Edit: 20 more times and I found the "Civil War Era Dress" blueprint. Still rolling for the suit…


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