April Calahan, a trend historian at the fashion Institute of Technology, truth checks the historic accuracy of Beauty and the Beast’s trend. April analyzes Belle’s iconic yellow and blue attire, and explains each layer of historic gown from the period, from chemise and stockings to wig and fan.

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fashion Expert Fact Checks Belle from Beauty and the Beast’s Costumes | Glamour


  1. Well, I don't know if every single historical fact in this video it's true, but it apears that most of the people in the comment section are fashion historian just like the woman in the video, for God's sake you guys… Glamour, please, just continue to make this videos with the others princessess and historical movies, it's amazing!

  2. Beauty and the Beast is a FANTASY! Like all their stories! There is no such thing as a correct way of dressing. It's only how Disney wanted it to be: aethetically. This was their vision and they have the final say.

    I usually like expertise in all matters, but @Glamor certainly doesn't have any particular standing against ANYONE to peddle their ides or this expert opinion. It doesn't make them more relevant form an aesthetic POW. I don't particularly care about Disney, or their franchises, but I do recognize that My personal input or idea of aesthetics is wholly unessesary in that discussion.

  3. Hey Allure guess what…it's a freaking cartoon disney princess movie with a prince that turns into a beast and back to a prince…pretty sure that doesn't happen either so STFU with this crap…

  4. Belle doesn't fit the time period! That's the whole point of the movie belle is different, she could care less about fashion, she is beyond her time. That's why she doesn't fit in with the town.

    She's advanced which shows in her dress, attitude and style.

    You missed the point of the movie, this movie breaks old time thinking.

  5. “Why is everyone sayin: “THis VidEO Is NOt ACcurAtE”
    Like seriously, she has been study more than any of us, and all of u can’t even wear a dipper properly.


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