The new vogue traits for Spring/Summer 2019 are extra wearable than in earlier seasons. Here I current 6 pattern boards + how to tune down a pattern so as to make it extra wearable in apply, in day by day life.
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  1. Totally off topic – your hair is beautiful! ❤️ Have you considered bangs? They would be very flattering with your face shape & highlight your beautiful eyes. Love your channel.

  2. I would love to wear biker shorts with white overall top, maybe a little longer legs of shorts would look better.
    How can I know if Fashion could de something for me? I often found ideas of which I have been thinking of, made by others and in a successful way. I tend to stay away because I am far from a model looks, however I would like to be the designer and maybe it is not needed. I would love to create oversized clothes, I find very few options in this niche for myself already.

  3. I like the Chanel long coat with loose trousers. I don’t like to see women in pantsuits. In my opinion, they would look better in a dress or skirt and jacket.
    If I had to choose a pant suit, I would pick one with somewhat draped trousers, with a blazer with a curve at the center hem, and a generous collar, in light gray
    or a dark bronzed olive, and a silk scarf tied in a large bow, under or inside the collar, which might be a choirboy style.

  4. I loved the mention of the colour yellow; just read The Last Collection, a fictional account of the fashion war between Chanel and Schiapparelli (too many consonants and rapid typing). it was a very interesting book and well researched; I recommend it. but the author brought values to different colours. In that context, yellow was the colour of eternity; monarchy; but also fear and self protection. An interesting view point. What I also found interesting is that during this pre-war period the great designers were women. Post WWII to the present they are largely men. Something to think about; buy Justine Leconte designs!

  5. Hiii, this is a bit off topic — but I wonder if you could do a video on how to style a vest? More towards smart casual/ elegant look 😊 Thank you Justine, I love your videos 💞💖❤️

  6. In order of appearance, From left to right…
    Sun – 2, 3.
    Bush craft – 4, 5.
    The garage – 1, 4.

    Cigarette party – 1, 2.
    Match one – 2, 4, 5.
    D-Stitch 90 – 3, 4.
    Run Sport – 4.
    these are the one's that feel most practicle and fun to me..
    Haha… if I was a woman or dressing one.
    The names are something my sister and I, used to do when we were children.
    We would imagine where the person in the picture is going/doing and give it a name.

    To all, be well !

  7. I love the Chanel outfit at 7.23 and the yellow outfit of Oscar de la Renta at 1.31. Btw, I have orange hair. Can I wear yellow? Or is that too much.

  8. Yellow 🙂 A whole dress or an eye-catching blouse. Pockets on an item with a more feminine vibe, like the J Marsaut (sp) outfit or the black D van North sleeveless jacket 🙂 I always love lace

  9. No way can I wear these outfits…too small for me…haha….and .too young…but interesting and I do like the yellow and mustard colors.

  10. biker shorts, utilitarian and pockets X'D omg thank you! finally, sounds great x looking forward to being very relaxed in 2019
    i love your videos – you are so intelligent and an excellent film maker

  11. Mustard yellow and light denim are 200% my style 😍 I'd love maybe a pastel yellow accessory like a bag; I love to look at the colour but wearing it as a garment really doesn't suit my colouring.

  12. The featured outfits all seemed too young or for someone very slim. It would be good to see a video on how to tone down runway trends for daily wear by body size and age range. Yes, anyone can wear anything, but there are better and worse ways of doing that. Would love to see your ideas for doing that.


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