WOOOOO it’s social gathering season infants!!!! We want you a really merry Christmas ❤️❤️love you 💗💗💗

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Sophia’s attire!!!!





Cinzia’s attire!!!!!






  1. Its really good to find u girlz Bcuz u 2 have really good advices for styles where to wear this clothes and no jwellery advice was amaaaazing bcuz i always had this problem that what should i do to glow more please please please more styling advices like this tanx for your golden minds
    Love from iran🤞

  2. We have some sort of boxing day in Germany, it’s a holiday that we call „2nd Christmas day“ and it‘s just another day of celebrating christmas😌

  3. Hi lovies! Here in Italy we have Saint Stephen's Day on 26 December and we celebrate it as a second Christmas day I would say. Btw you are gorgeous as always and that outfits look amazing. Happy new year everyone, hope it's filled with love and light

  4. Please make your intro shorter! Nobody care if you call it Boxing Day or what you guys called it. I stopped this video and didn’t want to see you anymore. This is just to help you, get to the point in the video

  5. The thing is I love Cinzias first dress so much but if I go out in that I'll start thinking I've over dressed because everyone else will be in dresses like the purple one

  6. Loved this girlies! I’m obsessed with your podcast and I have to say I love that you act exactly the same on your podcast and YouTube! So relatable, love it!


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