On Oct 18, NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch carried out the primary all-woman spacewalk. Koch & Meir changed a defective battery cost/discharge unit that didn’t activate after a earlier spacewalk. This was the fourth spacewalk for Christina Koch and the primary for Jessica Meir.


  1. Women:hustan we have a problem

    Hustan:what is it

    Woman:you should know

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  2. all my gratitude to isaac newton and Galileo and to all these great male scientists. Without these holders of some of the original intelligence, all of this would not yet be achieved.

  3. So let me guess … full fish format spacewalks are now the preferred norm, and the US taxpayer can just like or lump EVAs that are half as effective, take twice as long, require new and ridiculously expensive suits that are (hilariously ironically) smaller, and therefore EVAs in general cost even more than they normally do by every measure possible?

    Brilliant job, NASA.

  4. Is anyone telling these women that they can’t do an all woman space walk? The creation of non-existent antagonists is never ending, this is something absolutely no one will remember.

  5. im a web developer and computer technician, i want to sign up to be involved, even if it's just as a janitor on mars or moon base or space station. 🙂

  6. WTF first thing i see is a bunch of people saying "who cares" half of you didn't even watch the video, it's not about genitals its about the fact that this hadn't happened before. Historically women have been put down at every corner, that's changed a lot in the past 100 years and that's something to be happy about this IS no matter how you look at it a HISTORICAL moment for women and for everyone. This is the culmination of years and years of hard work by many many women to fight for their place as equals, you may say "they're already equal so who cares" but that statement completely disregards the years of work it took for this event to happen. In the end it doesn't matter what you think because it IS history. P.S. So proud of these 2 women for coming this far in their careers i wish them the best of luck in their lives.

  7. 🚀🇺🇸💕🚀Space Force 🚀🚀
    Trump 2020 🚀🚀
    Time to go to the moon and then MARS
    Congratulations Ladies 🇺🇸👍

  8. Now for an all woman Saudi Arabian woman space walk. I mean, they were just recently allowed to drive. I will pat us all on the back when women everywhere have equal rights, not just us.

  9. This is a complete waste of time not a milestone at all. Instead of wasting your time on this feminist stuff make an actual discovery that will be beneficial for NASA. There job is to be making discoveries that’s what they have studied there entire lives but of course the feminists have to ruin it again. I don’t care if feminists ruin other things but once you start coming in ruining scientific discoveries I get mad. The things that these astronauts could be doing is preparing for our future like larger scale missions but instead you try to reach the milestone of first all woman spacewalk. This is terrible, stop wasting time and money on this and get to the moon.


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