My concepts on how Nike & Jordan can enhance in 2019. What would you do?

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  1. Price and a reduction of releases could only help. Eventually everyone taps out. Maybe they get too expensive, maybe you just plain run out of room. I do like the idea of educating people with and inside the packaging. Older cats know. But the young bucks really dont know how bad of a man MJ was on the court. Great video as always. Cant wait to see what them clean shelves look like by the end of 2019!!😉

  2. Personally I wish there was a slowdown in releases. At any given point in time, there could be three different releases on the same date or in the same week. However I know as a company they are trying to reach a certain fiscal goal as well, but still. I agree with you about the 1s being on NikeID. They have reached a status like the Air Force 1s where it wouldn't hurt the brand to allow it to be customized within reason. Also with you about the 12-15% drop in price.

  3. Nike/ Jordan brand should have a yearly vote as to what shoe fans want to see retroed in the upcoming year. Narrowed down to 5 sneakers a la the air max vote back, people could stop wishing for certain models to be brought back in Nike's whim as well as let their voice be heard. Price drops are a great idea but things just go on sale anyway if the demand is not high. I think most consumers are hip to that game already. I think the way limited releases ae handled should be changed. One shoe per person per ID in person at a release location. get the person's information using a PCI compliant app, then ship the shoe to the residence. Offer entertainment and refreshments as an incentive to entice people to the release. Make them an social event rather than a shit show.

  4. add up mrreflex1 on snapchat

    in 1995 the air max 95 was £110 now in 2019 there £110 £120 how can ppl complain abt the price of shoes? yet those gucci n other rubbish cost 6 £700+

  5. Have they ever even really done giveaways/customer appreciation? And also, I think the big fear of everything is that at the end of the day, majority of the consumers nowadays aren't the ones with the final product. Including things making them more desirable, only puts more money in the resellers pockets. Sucks, but that's what the culture has become.

  6. What’s up Marvin!? Just to put my opinion out there. I would love Js to be cheaper 😂. I would agree with all of your thoughts of improvement for Jordan Brand going forward as long as they don’t use it an excuse to give us another price jump. Another thing I personally would like to see most is the advertising and the packaging be leveled up. Something as small as seeing the shoes in the store behind a glass case a week or two before they came out would be cool to me. (They used to do that at my local mall 15 years ago.) and I’m definitely a sucker for great presentation and packaging so that would be a nice touch. Have a good one man. ✌🏽

  7. MJO23DAN + Happy New Year fam. Great vid. You hit every enthusiasts desire for the brand to do list. Price point reductions will help with sales. Especially with shoes sitting on shelves. Lower prices could help with better sales. And the brand should put extra goodies in every box. Salute fam. 👍👊✊✌🕺🏿💃🏼💯🙏🏽

  8. The pricing is an issue and doesn't always make sense. For example the most expensive J's are usually the 11's, they are mostly nylon and the patent leather. Here in Australia the Breds were Au $280 when they released and now the concords are $300. It's a bit too much.

  9. Cool video. I agree with your points bro. Can’t wait to see what’s next for 2019. Regarding the pricing… and colorways… I just copped the 18 Racer Blue for 115$ shipped…

  10. Oh they’re watching you they watch all of you. As for bringing price down I’d say that’s a no go. But they can limit the colorways and release a shoe every two weeks instead of every week that cuts their cost down and reduces material waste in their factories. As for the funko yeah I collect those and I’ve had people that don’t collect out the woodworks. They’re a GR in funko sense but because everyone wants one they’ll be really hard to get. GameStop Barnes and nobles will release them fye just did a limited preorder and that sold out and be on the lookout for preorders through entertainment earth.

  11. I would like the prices to come down a little. especially for toddler sizes. $90 for toddler Concord 11s?!? COME ON. t would help younger kids who don’t have a lot of money maybe get that hot sneaker that they really want. Or maybe someone like me who buys quite a few pairs a year to help keep my wife off my back. LOL.

  12. If they keep Releasing Retros at this amount I agree with you they need to bring the price down because like you said they go on sale instantly maybe if they weren’t so overpriced they would actually sell out better, that’s what made me hold off and wait on a lot of pairs this year because I know I can find them for cheaper after they release almost instantly unless it’s a collab then EVERYONE loves them 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. They need to drop the price back to 175 stop with the weekly releases I'm tired of seeing 1ns 5s 6s 3s 4s 12s 13ns only og colorways like flint 12s n cherry 12s bred 4s flint 15ns bred 16ns college blue 17ns with the briefcase and wheat 13ns n I'm good I could retire with those

  14. I would like Jordan Brand to retro a shoe at most once or twice a month. Keep the same production number as they are now. Keep the quality consistent across all retros as well as the new models and lower the prices on all future retros. It does not have to be much but I highly doubt the $190 to $220 price tag. 🏷

    Ummm…. Where to begin? Okay I can go off on tangents sometimes when it comes to commenting on my Favorite Sneaker You Tuber's videos that I really really really enjoy soooo I apologize ahead of time if this becomes too long! (you can ask Tony D, he'll tell you lol)…. Anyways….. Everything about this video I really enjoyed! I mean from the intro with you taking your Kicks off the shelf with different camera angles and speaking inbetween gave off of a vibe of us being there with you and it really drew me in, and even with sharing that cool table really quick with us, I thought was pretty cool bcuz as you were taking the Kicks down it caught my eye way before you mentioned it! But besides that THE IDEAS YOU BROUGHT UP WERE AMAZING! Seriously I would Love to see some if not ALL of those things come out! Jordan Brand really needs to bring you onboard as a consultant! For real! As a fellow collector of all things MJ and also A fellow Sneaker Lover these ideas would make it so much cooler, so much more fun, so much more exciting, so much more SPECIAL! I too have a MJ card and memorabilia collection that I started from pretty much Birth! And I still covet them to this day just as much as my Sneakers! I mean Original Cards, plaques, Jerseys, Posters, Hats and shirts from a few of the Championships…..and the list goes on and on! I was literally born into it! I was Born in April of 86 and even tho the majority of my family were Celtics fans, My Mother and Father Loved Michael Jordan and I had a pair of Chicago 1s waiting for me before I was even born! And the Chicago 1s were the first pair of shoes that I ever wore! And not too long after my father bought me the Chicago 2s….and every year all the way up until I was a freshman my mother bought me a pair of the newest Air Jordan model. After freshman year is when I started working and buying them myself. And throughout all those years I collected everything from special edition McDonald's cups to Cards and whatever I could get my hands on! That's all I would want and for Birthdays and Christmas's that's what family members would get me! Lol ANYWAYS, I apologize for this being so long, but you really just got me excited just thinking about what Jordan Brand could do and all the possibilities!
    Seriously this was an Awesome video Marvin and I really hope the folks over at JB see this video and make it happen!
    I could go on for another hour here but I'm gonna shut up now, share the video, pray… And then cross my fingers! 🙏🤞
    As Always bro much Love and Respect from ya Boy up in #MASS , PEACE!!!!1 ✌

  16. Excellent ideas bro! I agree with Nike and JB reducing their prices to at least $160-$175. The 2014 Columbia 11 release was the first of the $200 + price tag and since then it has remained at $220 (72-10, Space Jam, Win like 82 & 96 & Concords). They are dropping the black/infrared 6's and bred 4's to $200 this time. As I've said before now that the bred 11's are gonna release holiday 2019, Nike should bring the original box from 1996 with a special commemoration honoring the 1995-1996 team.

  17. I completely agree with the pricing. There needs to be a middle ground for great materials and lower price. Who cares about the inflation if the shoe is going thi the outlets the next week. I'd like to see Jordan and nike really push the newer lines more than the retros. Once again they over did the 3's with too many CW's

  18. It’s been a minute. The one thing I want out of Jordan brand in 2019 is better materials on general releases. Either that, or lower the prices. I can go to the mall and see every single shoe from the tinker pack still sitting for discounted prices. I think these shoes would’ve sold better initially at a $169.99 or $174.99 price point. I saw a pair of Shadow 10s at my Finishline for $109.99. I agree there a far too many sneakers releasing.

  19. Jordan brand needs to start releasing more OG colorways that haven’t been retroed yet. Also, they should began retroing a lot more numbers past 14… like 15 – 23 for example. Especially, the 15’s, 16’s, & 17’s.


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