The Secret Meaning Behind The new outfits In Frozen 2
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Frozen 2 is sort of upon us, and we’re dissecting the trailer prefer it’s a frog in science class. The first film began a sensation that’s raged on for the previous six years, giving us a Frozen Fever that simply gained’t stop. Fans of Disney motion pictures can’t wait to see what Anna and Elsa are as much as subsequent, and because of the trailers, we’ve received an concept.

We know that our favourite members of Arundel royalty are happening a quest to an Enchanted Forest. This film appears to be a lot darker than the earlier characteristic, and it’s mirrored within the advanced animation. For a begin, Anna and Elsa have extra costume modifications than Kylie Jenner on her birthday. This is extremely uncommon for Disney, who are inclined to go for a one-dress-fits-all method…so, what does all of it imply? Let’s discover out.


  1. Anna bits her lip as she cuddles up to Elsa. What did Disney mean by this?

    Imagine being Kristoff, Anna is in love with you and after 3 years you probably went further than kissing but sometimes she just leaves you alone and spends the night with Elsa. I mean I kinda get it but Anna is kind of her sister. That's kinda weird don't you think?
    Weirdos shipped them after Frozen 1, you can't stop that. People see what they want to see in sisterly love but they are obviously wrong. But this… Disney went too far.

  2. It's funny watching this after seeing the movie, mostly when the narrator mentions a possible significant other for Elsa (which, [spoiler alert just in case] when he said that I thought "yup, herself" but like… that's actually beautiful) and when he hypothesized those guards being part of the forest people
    You're reading the clothes and you don't notice the difference between the guard's colours and the forest people's? And that the guard's colours definitely resemble more to the colours of Arendelle? That was… horrible to watch….

  3. <sigh> The "ice jumping dress" is literally the same dress that has the pointy shoulders, except the pointy shoulders is just the coat type thing. She took off her coat. That's all it is.

  4. Your colors are a tad bit off… “pastel pink” dress is actually a light purple dress very similar to lilac actually which is in the purple family.


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