G-Star Raw Try-On Haul 2019 — Pants for Men
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Video Topic: The Best Denim at G-Star Right Now

If you don’t already learn about probably the most artistic denim model EVER, this males’s trend video will put you up on sport! I’m displaying my method to styling considered one of my favourite manufacturers for males’s denims. I’ve outfits for males’s chinos, males’s cargo pants, and even (informal) males’s tuxedo pants… Watch ‘until the top and let me know your Ideas within the feedback!

AFFORDABLE BOOTS ⇨ http://bit.ly/2VkJoI0
AFFORDABLE TEES ⇨ http://bit.ly/2KYhNZb
SNEAKERS UNDER $75 ⇨ http://bit.ly/2SndKUy
AFFORDABLE trends 2019 ⇨ http://bit.ly/2vgh7Ub


Jacket ⇨ http://bit.ly/2Vi61gh
Top ⇨ http://bit.ly/2LbNOxd
Chinos ⇨ http://bit.ly/2KX290f
Sneakers ⇨ http://bit.ly/2VZDZ6c
⟐ Affordable Chinos ⇨ http://bit.ly/2L0KQeG

Jacket ⇨ http://bit.ly/2USTZKM
Tee ⇨ http://bit.ly/2UxPm3-
Motac Denim ⇨ http://bit.ly/2DuE4Yt
Boots ⇨ http://bit.ly/2Vo0eWr
⟐ Affordable Black Skinny Jeans ⇨http://bit.ly/2ViIpIu

Bag ⇨ http://bit.ly/2VlVS22
Tee ⇨http://bit.ly/2KYsGKr
Cargo Pants ⇨ http://bit.ly/2IQ4EyI
Sneakers ⇨ http://bit.ly/2VgKHrx
⟐ Affordable Cargos ⇨ http://bit.ly/2KXs5ZE

Jacket ⇨ http://bit.ly/2USTZKM
Shirt ⇨ (SOLD OUT)
Tux-Chinos ⇨ http://bit.ly/2IBi0iW
Sneakers ⇨http://bit.ly/2IrpsfE
⟐ Affordable Side Stripe Pants ⇨ http://bit.ly/2L6iJuO

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intro music by Duckwrth ⇨ http://bit.ly/duckwrth1
different music by Ashton McCreight ⇨ http://bit.ly/ashtonm
intro/outro animation by Nathan Hadden ⇨ http://bit.ly/btstpro


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  1. Dope video! Number 1 is my favorite. I like the clean minimalism.

    Do you know of pants/jeans that have more room in the thigh for guys with more muscular thighs? I’m a larger guy (6’6”, 260 lbs)

  2. Some dynamic looks here. I really like the part about the pieces in your wardrobe that challenge you and the sporty look with the nikes is perfect for a spring time adventure.

  3. Outfit #2 suits me best, but they're all inspiring and creative looks. (And I totally agree on Cargo pants, I only have 2 and they're VERY slim and the pockets are too.) Thanks for another great video!

  4. The cargo pants are my number one. But that herringbone jacket is on point. I get that fashion rules are made to be broken but I can never get with black pants paired with brown shoes. It's a personal choice.

  5. Outfits 2,3 and 4 are more my type, however, as you said maybe I should try to get more "exotic" with colors! Thanks for your great tips as per usual!

  6. If you ever see this comment I got a question for you: do you tailor your jackets and overshirt's arms? cuz they fit perfectly which is super hard to find.
    Btw skinny blacks outfit was on point (y).

  7. Thanks for this video. I always thought G-Star denim/pants were mostly European cut (aka….white boy cut) haha. Good to see a bruh can rock them too. All four outfits are tight. Will be making a trip to G-Star soon!

  8. Devon, that trench in the first fit is super dope !! Good pick, I like that you challenged yourself but still works with your overall style! Once again …killer content!

  9. Nice…I like the all black (never considered how much fabric texture played a role in color compatibility) and the green cargo look (has a military athletic vibe)…well done.



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