Hey guys ˚⁎⁺˳✧༚
I actually hope you benefit from the video!
It took a lot time to make, however I hope this was value it!
– sequence
• the primary episode within the sequence can be coming tomorrow
• and each week I’ll have a brand new video, and the primary video won’t have all of the characters as essential characters.
•every video could have some essential characters however some will seem within the movies.

– s u b s c r i b e f o r m o r e –


  1. because i need one for a new oc, im going to mix a few of them up together so i wouldn't have the same character as others. thank you by the way i really helped x

  2. Hey! I wanted to use the first outfit for my oc, If thats okay with you.. Btw, I loveeee Your yt and you are very amazing, keep up the greatest ♥️


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