Sup everyone this video is the GTA on-line Director mode trailer glitch with freeze technique after patch 1.46
This video will present the total dm glitch together with learn how to freeze Christmas masks, joggers and extra….

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Freeze technique (I believe) TrueGTA5

thanks to those guys for the help getting updated with freezing : &
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  1. For anyone that says this is not working patched yaddie yaddie yah. Its not i am on this right now and it still works frozen mask items etc patience is required simple as that 😎 big up my boy boca boy for his hard work as per 1000% 😎 bro nice 😆

  2. Hiya boca it's me pascal1155!! Are you still freind's with ricardo from trinidad?.. enjoy amsterdam tho! Do you need a free tourguide hahah or drinking buddy😏

  3. Off to Amsterdam today guys, not sure if there's wifi, if not I can't respond to anything over the next few days, I will be back Friday, hope you all enjoy your week in and have fun in the trailer ma dudes 😜🤙🏼

  4. Yo I spent no shit 3 hours in the trailer last night to get one outfit I have the outfit I wanted after 1 hour 2 hours into finding IAA bags to equip Trailer Life


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