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  1. Yo I got you here you go I want credit for it please

    Tier 25 – Taxi

    Tier 50 – HVY Dozer

    Tier 75 – Clown Van

    Tier 100 – Trashmaster

    Tier 200 – HVY Barracks Semi

    Tier 300 – HVY Mixer

    Tier 500 – Space Docker

    Tier 1000 – Tractor

  2. Alex. Alex. 10 minutes, discussing 2 vehicles. Really? It takes me about 45 seconds to Explain it to my friends. Fill in your 10 minute video with better material. Add to it. Not "ad" to it. Wth are you smoking? It looks like you've hit your peak, and now you are just desperate. Does anyone else agree? It's like his videos are Saturday "afternoon" cartoons. They just couldn't make the morning cut. Constructive, Annoyed fan, critisism.

  3. A.P. Tier Go's to Rank 1000…..unlockables as follows: GOGO Monkey Blista, Taxi,Dozer,Clown Van,Space Docker & Tractor….Space docker being Rank 500 & Tractor being Rank 1000 A.P. … the Insurgent Pick'Up & Technical U can put Bennys on in the arena!👌 #HAPPYGTA'ING


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