Host will get outfit that claims “Police”. Second participant will get outfit that claims “Noose”.

Job Link:

Noose Outfit Steps:
*Make positive you have got an earpiece accent*
1. Launch the Job (Link beneath)
2. Open up the Interaction Menu: Style – Accessories – Gear
3.Press LEFT on the D-pad ONE TIME. This ought to equip the earpiece
4. Quit the job through the telephone
* You ought to spawn into freemode carrying the police / noose outfit*
5. Go to the closest retailer and save the outfit

How To Equip the Mask (1:44) (This works with each masks and helmets)
1. Go to any telescope (Can be on the seashore, in your residence, in your workplace and many others.)
2. Equip the masks you need onto a DIFFERENT outfit.
3. While working on the telescope, spam proper on the D-pad. Your participant ought to cease (if you find yourself trying into the telescope repeat this step)
4. Equip the outfit you need the masks on
6. Walk away from the telescope and in just a few seconds the masks ought to seem
7. Save the outfit

Husky_70 (Creator of the job):


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