I present how to unlock the Epsilon Robes outfit a part of the Arena Wars DLC.

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  1. Do you know a way how to get white and blue joggers? I've been trying with director mode but the chances of getting joggers with a christmas mask and actually saving it is zero. If anybody knows please feel free to help. I really want those fucking joggers xD

  2. You guys know if you put on one of the smaller headscarves the one that doesnt hang down on you can just get the chain on a black shirt if you just want the chain and then you can put on any other mask and itll still be there as long as the mask dont hang down to your chest

  3. Is it just me … or when wearing the Epsilon suit.. all your weapons disappear? My weapon wheel went empty and I had to find another session…. 🙁

  4. Ha thats funny, when I was grinding for the Kifflom T-shirt, any time my character would wake up in the bathroom I would tip the guy because I heard him say "Kifflom!" once and I thought maybe he might make it easier to unlock the shirt. Guess I was on to something


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