Ever puzzled what goes into the making of a costume throughout trend week? Watch as a costume goes from conception to the runway from certainly one of the world’s biggest trend homes, Dior.

Director: Max Bartick and Robert Semmer
DP: Etienne Baussan, John Fisher, and Jim Petersen
Sound: David Adson and Cesar Mamoudy
Editors: Sam Norton, Tim Beeston, and Theo Rosenthal
Assistant Editor: Harriet Brooksward
Producer: James Graley and Nikki Petersen
Production: Luca

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How a Dior Dress Is Made, From Sketches to the Runway | Sketch to Dress | Vogue


  1. Here's how a Dior dress is made: Maria Grazia displays her absolutely sub par minimal effort designs to one of the most skilled and respected couture houses to date, bish bash bosh, and voila! The same silhouette she's given her whole career = the new dior dress.

  2. Can I ask a Question do they make there own fashion illustration or do others aswell. Like is it only they make the drawings/idea they made or do they do and others do aswell


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