We’re hitting the streets to search out the very best dressed and the massive spenders. Who are you carrying? How a lot did it value? What favors are you calling in? Think one thing previous, one thing new, one thing borrowed and one thing outrageous.

In this episode of #ThisLookIsMoney, we tapped our personal stylish fashion Editors to point out off their iconic model.

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Tara Lamont-Djite: https://www.instagram.com/tldjite/

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  1. Wait how did I not know fresh water pearls are so in right now!? I would’ve gotten so many when I was in the Philippines recently and not have spent anywhere close to $250

  2. i don’t understand people who say “oh they look like asos or zara” when in reality where do you think asos and zara got those designs from? at least they’re buying from brands that actually pay their workers and not have their clothes come from sweatshops unlike fast fashion brands

  3. the jeans is killing me. you shall not sew your jeans to the outside. oh wait?? is that style? fine, it look like you are just passing flooded area! 🤣🤣

  4. Harpers bazaar ain’t fooling anyone featuring ‘ordinary’ people wearing ludicrously expensive clothing – no you can’t convince us it’s normal to buy thousands of dollars of name brand clothing…

  5. Why is the fact that this is clearly in partnership with Aritzia not disclosed anywhere in the video or description? I understand sponsorships as a way to keep content going on this channel, but the lack of disclosure (and the fact that only Hearst employees are featured in this video) is irresponsible.

  6. Whether the clothes being worn are sustainable or not .Whether it supports the environment ; they look like crap. Go to Marshalls and Etsy for it. I rather hear , I could have spent 3,000 ,but I decided to spend 400 and donate the rest or something lol.

  7. Ok. So people are getting hateful because fashion editors are heavily investing on their jobs. So if it's not important for you, it's an waste of money. Great. If I had how to (and I will someday) I would invest in quality and later price of sell. Y'all can have your one month-lasting rip-offs, you're welcome.

  8. Litteraly none of those outfit are nice haha ; those accessories and those clothes are overpriced !! So basic!! I can pulloff a outfit for way less than that from Zara/bershka!

  9. So, what did we learn today, children? That if you want to be a fashion anything (Director, editor, etc.) the bare minimum includes a pair of gold and pearl earrings, using the word “obsessed” in every 3rd sentence, especially while talking about Aritzia and that it’s all about the walking boot. 😉

  10. Liked the 2nd and 3rd outfit (except for the 2nd girl shoes which are orrendous) but the first girl NOO doll like that cardigan is the tackiest thing (sort of like LOOK AT ME THIS IS BALENCIAGA) and it doesn't fit her at all the buttons are all tight why not get the right size?

  11. Their outfits, earrings etc are similar. The third pair of earrings look like the Celine O with freshwater pearls. Would’ve been nice to see a completely different aesthetic instead of variations of a similar one


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