This week on Style Out There, our host, Connie Wang travels to Jamaica to expertise Dancehall for herself. This wild subculture is prospering in and altering the way in which issues work for girls in Jamaica. Press play to witness this surprising type and type of dance!

In trend, what’s seen on the streets is simply as necessary as what goes down the runway. R29’s Style Out There takes a take a look at the drastically completely different subcultures around the globe, analyzing the myriad influences that shade what we put on — and why.

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  1. With all this money circulating from tourism and also from these parties, why is this area still living in poverty? I know it's a little off the subject, but I don't understand this. That's just awful for the people that live in this area. They should be reeking, these benefits from THEIR Land that the tourists are enjoying during their vacations. The resort owners should be entitled to give back. There are many tourists that would love to see this type of party, culture, and night life, but are probably to scared to go. It's a whole other market in itself. DUHHH. When I was in Jamaica I wanted to go walk around the public streets. I wanted to experience the real Jamaican culture, not what the resorts were selling me. Every where I looked while touring looked completely different from what I was being told was Jamaican culture and I wanted to experience the people. I was told NO and it was to DANGEROUS!!! Even the tour guides were instructed to make their own people look like monstrous animals to keep us from straying, that way they wouldn't be held liable. So why not invest in your people and community?

  2. There is nothing wrong with dancehall, the way they dress is fine most entertainers whether a foreigner or not dress like that , the dance is the same , the only issue with dancehall is how the women allow the men to treat them , it's degrading to me I wouldn't want no man doing those stupidness to me , there is a difference between a guy just dancing with you and a guy showing his power , control and abusive ways through dancehall .. This is just my opinion … The men just need to tone down how they treat the women while dancing with them and the women to get rid of the blocks, fire and stupid ass object use to harm themselves then dancehall won't be look down on … Also the choice of words can be tone down a bit like 90s dancehall where they had some hidden meaning ..but nothing much is working with dancehall and I'm a 100% Jamaica n …. But when you ask people what's wrong with dancehall they always describe it as vulgar and that's for a reason

  3. These women are empowering eac lh other because they work together and they are loving thetr skin. Which women empowermwnt lacks in America. I can say that cause i am Jamaican.

  4. like another commenter said, when the women are dancing on their own like at 17:50, it looks powerful and empowering, athletic, skillful, and fun. You really understand why they love these dances so much and you respect them for their talent. But when the men join in like at 6:30, suddenly it looks clumsy, aggressive, primitive, and bordering on demeaning for the women… i can't see how they can enjoy being thrown around by drunk strangers while these men lazily thrust at them and do none of the work. in conclusion, men make everything worse

  5. Pretty much this is simulated vulgar sex acts set to music. Want to be empowered? Get a proper education, stop using your body and use you mind. Then you will REALLY be liberated. End of story…

  6. @ Refinery29 thank you for this documentary….its eye opening into Jamaican Culture & its appreciative for the your honesty & vulnerability during this documentary!

  7. This is huge I am Black not Jamaican and I had refused REFUSED to attend those parties because I did not know the history behind it. It was great to hear a schooled woman explain the meaning of empowerment and sense of justice behind the dance.🙌👏👏

  8. Why is everything women enjoy doing have to be 'liberating', such that we'll do a bunch of mental gymnastics to explain how getting dry humped in the club is all about 'liberation'… As if women have been enslaved up until they started… doing these things we personally enjoy? What?

    Honestly I feel like feminists have a really warped view of what any history before the moment they as individuals were born was actually like, and it really is a sleight on the autonomy and power of all the women that came before them… It really irks me that so many seem to think that any social norms, cultural taboos or customs they don't find 'liberating' were entirely devised by men and that their women-slaves had nothing to do with any of it. It's simply not true. I'm not saying I think we should regress, if that's the word we'll use, in terms of where social customs and taboos surrounding female sexuality is at right now, but I do think it's narrow-minded and self-involved to keep talking about 'liberation' when it comes to how women express sexuality in the modern era…

    Just look at cultures' today that can be described as repressive to women, or from another perspective 'modest' . Anybody within those cultures will tell you there's more than enough women, perhaps even at the vanguard, perpetuating and enforcing those norms. Honestly I just find it kind of ignorant and a little disturbing all this 'liberation' talk. As a woman, you're not a fucking slave if you think women should be modest or even that the power over men female sexuality can provide to individual women is most effective in an atmosphere of modesty and conservatism. Just like you're not a fucking slut if you wear you're sexuality on your sleeve. Point being – women have had way way way more influence in their societies and cultures, particularly in regards to female social norms and taboos, throughout history than any feminists seem to like to admit these days, and it's narcissistic of them.

  9. Jamaica is not that bad as others think, yes sometimes it might go over the edge but hello everyone wanna be like us. Love my country to d fullest no matter what but dance responsible.

  10. Black women call anything they want to do, these days, empowerment. When we said we want to empower women, what was the purpose for that? Maybe we need to review the original meaning of empowerment and clarify why or how this empowers women. Dancehalls for women have existed for years!!

  11. I’m a citizen in Jamaica if you don’t understand our culture we could be judge wrongfully I am hoping to raise my vevo to express my music to the world you should check it out krysievevo


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