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Hands down, the #1 query we get is: How a lot does a van conversion value?

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This is such a onerous query to reply as a result of it varies based mostly on so many elements – what elements are concerned, what supplies are used, what measurement van, and so on.

However, we wished to provide you a vary of value based mostly on our expertise professionally constructing vans. We don’t skimp on the subject of supplies, high quality and the general end of our vans so you could be shocked on the complete value of a van conversion… we all know we have been once we first began researching van life!

Each van we build is totally custom – meaning nothing is prefabbed and we don’t minimize any corners.


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How a lot our Sprinter Van Conversion value:



We are Sara & Alex (aka “40 Hours of Freedom”), and positively do not forget about our canines – Bambi & Nugget – or else they is perhaps a little upset. We transformed our personal Sprinter van and have hit the street for full time journey and enjoyable. Subscribe for brand new van life and journey movies each week.

We hope to encourage you to create the life you like – no matter that appears like for you! So get on the market and begin creating some epic content material. We dwell by: Create extra, Consume Less.


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  1. Your charge to much on labor work that's the problem 40 dollars per hour and the parts is to high when you can get it yourself problem is the 40 per hr your charging for labor work prices are to high

  2. Doing the math, tour buying a house. No shade. Just saying your business is not for the average can life person. It's more for someone who can afford to buy a brand new RV in price but half the size. Beautiful work but most people can't afford a 16 to 20 foor house payment

  3. I mean there are plenty if things you dont need to put it. Plenty if owaoke dont even have a toilet built in. My friend either uses a close store or has a portable camping one that's around $60 – $100. Aswell as showers those are easy go around. Depends on you

  4. I love this so much!! And the teal color of that van…that's going on my list of my dream van!!! I'm going to make this happen. I CANNOT WAIT to get back to traveling and with kiddos now. 💛

  5. Hi, I like your build, I have a question. What do people do with their van after they drive all the miles (lets say 200 miles) what can I do after that with my van?

  6. 0k so what's going to happen after January 2021? R u guys going out of business or take anymore clients.
    Also, where is your business office located because it doesn't appear on your website.

  7. It’s fair the pricing the framing insulation and the solar .snd everything else .you don’t want to deal with the sure you get General contractors that see all the work don’t have to explain yourselves.its either they want it done or they don’t. I can’t imagine anyone criticizing your work or how much.its your company.I think it is a little bit expensive yeah it is but the work is perfect.they are paying for the details.plain and guys should have a good sales person explain it.not that you’re not doing a great job .i think a experienced customer service sales person that deals with Conversions. Awesome job. Remember if someone don’t like it they don’t have to buy it.shoot maybe will talk conversations sometime.I just came out of retirement to work with public health and the CDC once this is over I definitely will contact your safe .heres a little advice .finish your last conversation and jump in your van take a two month vacation up in the mountains secluded just for a short while.good luck with your business.

  8. You can pay these guys $150,000 total to customize your van, or you can buy a nice van that's already customized from someone else for around $55,000. your choice!

  9. Lot of people first look at some huge, luxurious and technology pumped vans and think that they could not or won't ever get on road. Well they couldn't be more far from the truth. Some people travel and live in old minivans, some in bigger vans, and some in huge vans with everything you could possibly think of. And all of these people are able to travel the world. I've seen some diy vans for as low as 15,000$. With kitchen, queen bed, bathroom and plenty of storage space.

  10. Alex….how about hiring an older guy who has "good general skills"….then, start thinking about franchising this business. Might want to hire (me) someone who understands not only 'hand labor', but business in general…who thinks large enough to grow.

    First thoughts:
    1) train two or three guys who "want to live in their' own vans"…and then, naturally franchise out to them all over the country. This would be organic growth…and smart money. You'll know when/if their' work is up to par,
    2) hire guys who are willing or already have ample tools, garages, places to work now,
    3) hire guys from various areas of the country, specializing in 'cold packages' and 'warm area' climates,
    etc, etc, etc.

    I'm Frank…let's talk.

  11. Copied from their website 👉👉👉👉👉OUR VAN CONVERSIONS RANGE FROM $40,000 – $89,500


    If you do simple math on that, a skilled carpenter charges at least $40/hour as a minimum, so the labor cost alone is about $24,000 – $40,000.

    LABOR = 600 – 1000 HOURS X $40/HOUR = $24,000 – $40,000


    OUTSIDE FEATURES = $4,000 – $20,000

    Outside features include things like a roof rack, ladder, front bumper, rear bumper, cargo box, etc.

    Roof Rails = $400

    Aluminess Roof Rack = $3,300

    Aluminess Ladder = $725

    Aluminess Front Bumper = $2,750

    Aluminess Rear Bumper = $3,100

    Thule Cargo Box = $550

    ELECTRICAL = $8,000 – $10,000

    100ah Battle Born Lithium Ion Battery = $950

    3000 Watt Victron Inverter = $1,500

    300 watt Renogy Solar Kit with Solar Controller = $720

    Wiring, fuses, switches, etc

    WINDOWS = $2,000 – $4,000

    CR Laurence T-Vent Window = $575

    CR Laurence Back Door Window = $150

    CR Laurence Sliding Door Window = $500

    INSULATION & FRAMING = $3,000 – $4,000

    This is the part of the van that no one is likely to ever see, but one of the most important parts of a van since it lays the foundation for the rest of the build

    EXTERIOR PAINT = $850 – $6,000

    One thing we recommend to all of our van build clients is to get the roof of the van sprayed with truck bed liner. This helps ensure your roof will hold up over time and not be susceptible to damage from the sun/elements and rust.
    We’ve also done full custom paint jobs on the entire exterior of the van, which cost about $5,000.

    PLUMBING/BATHROOM = $6,000 – $10,000

    This category includes the water heater, fresh water tank, grey water tanks, water pumps, water filtration, plumbing lines, toilet, shower fixtures, waterproofing, wall material, etc.

    KITCHEN = $1,000 – $4,000

    This does not include the cabinetry itself. This category includes your fridge, stove, sink, faucet, and countertops.

    12 volt Fridge = $1,200

    Stove = $300

    Sink = $200

    Faucet = $100

    Countertops = $300

    CLIMATE CONTROL = $1,500 – $5,000

    Every van build should have a vent fan. Optional things include a heater and air conditioner.

    Espar Diesel Heater = $1,300

    Fantastic Vent Fan = $150

    Air Conditioner = $3,000

    CABINETRY = $7,000 – $10,000

    All of our cabinetry is custom built and tailored to the client. We use the highest quality materials for a long lasting finish.
    Remember, this includes the labor cost associated with building completely custom cabinetry for your van build.

    WALLS, CEILINGS, FLOORING, TRIM = $2,000 – $4,000

    There are so many options when it comes to what material to use for the walls, ceiling and flooring. Each client we work with likes to pick out their own materials when it comes to this category.

    MISC = $5,000 – $10,000

    This category is all the extra stuff! This includes things like:

    glue, screws, nails

    paint, stain, varnish, sandpaper

    hinges, cabinet hardware, pneumatic door lifts, etc

    Extra components like seat swivels, headliner shelfs, etc

    Other extras:

    80/20 bed framing = $800

    HappiJac bed lift = $1,800

    Table Pedestal = $300

  12. base is 40k for what you produce that's not actually bad.. and if your booked to 2021 then your currently doing something right.. keep up the good work guys. .you rock!!!


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