How Much is Your outfit? CSM Students in London PART 1… asking UAL Central Saint Martin college students about their outfit, their trend inspiration… and trend advise to followers concerned with High trend or Streetwear.

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  1. Where them UAL students at? this is so entertaining knowing that I go there. Also check @thats_so_csm which is a gossip girl clothes version for CSM

  2. Love the girl wearing the Diesel watch. I really don't like fashion watches, but it perfectly matches her and her outfit. Learned sth. from this video, because i always thought that it's impossible to wear this type of watches, without looking totally ridiculous. Still a way overpriced watch.

  3. ya'll hatin on the first girl claiming she thinks shes hot shit when she just answered the dude's question lmao. If her fit looks basic to you then thats it, shes not flashing her money around. She just has money to spend on whatever, to each their own

  4. People in the comments are soo judgemental, if you don’t want to buy expensive, Don’t SIMPLE. NO ONE cares that you think it’s stupid


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