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For these of you with skinny hair like me I made a decision to make a video on the way to fashion and volumise your . Hope this helps

quantity hair thick fashion
tutorial the way to add
males coiffure repair do


  1. As a person who has thin hair (like you) but loves the 'up' hairstyle', I have to thank you for this video. Normally I'd just towel dry and hair spray, let it set for 30min-1hour, then move my hand all through it and hope it looks good….but your way is much easier and better — again, thank you 🙂

  2. great vid. All styling vids have people with thick hair and what they do never works for me so great to see a guy with thin hair doing this.

  3. Wow I really have to grow my hair out again I really like yours. I just cut mine because I was tired of having it on my face when I got out of the shower and I wasn't sure how to style it but I got some hairspray and wax so I guess it's better than gel

  4. Looks really good man. Do you do basicly the same thing when your hair was a bit shorter? I just got a haircut and I'm having troubles making it look good.

  5. thank you so much dude… this helped out a ton… i literally have the same exact hair as you but blonde and ive been trying so many different ways to style it and finally i found this and its amazing… thanks so much… Keep making videos… i need them

  6. HEY! Tony i have styled my hair and its awesome but after washing my hair it get flat and didn't get d way i want 2 style.Can u suggest me which hairstyle would be much suitable according to my face??? 🙂

  7. Bro your hair is really nice, i have straight hair, simular to yours, i want to acheive this same hairstyle and make it my everyday style, one question tho, i got thick straight hair, do you think it works anyways?


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