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  1. I’m gonna be aesthetic this year :> idk why I love school, when it’s summer I’m bored and don’t know what to do, and when it’s school I’m learning ^_^

    Sorry if I did grammar mistakes … I’m from Ukraine:)

  2. I’ve been practicing on journaling and guess what gave up after a week it’s so fucking hard

    So I stick to normal fonts and make it neat and maybe be a little creative on my notes and try to make it not that messy guys if I were you if you are slow on taking down notes copy notes on a pad paper then re-copy it on ur notebook when u get home both ways you’ll also get to study since you can read your notes while transferring it

    Add aesthetic stickers on the front page of your note book if ur notebook is like the one shown in the video lol

  3. i wouldn't dare lol, school is the least 'aesthetic place' in the world, like guys:

    aesthetic means beautiful.
    school is THE OPPOSITE of that.

  4. nahhh, i can't be aesthetic in school

    reason 1; we have uniforms
    reason 2; the damn notebooks has to be THE SCHOOL'S NOTEBOOKS, which are bad quality ntbks.
    reason 3; i don't have much time, dam asian teachers are strict, well in my school


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