Learn tips on how to construct your good outfit (even in a rush) to make you’re feeling wonderful on daily basis. Enjoy babes!

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(may solely be related resulting from availability – I do my greatest to search out sustainable options too)

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JEWELRY (accessible in strong gold, gold vermeil & sterling silver)
*Star necklace (45 cm): https://bit.ly/2pZdG53
*Round disc necklace (55 cm): https://bit.ly/2NoaKXB*Ear cuff: https://bit.ly/2pfUb8v
*Studs/combine & match set (additionally accessible individually): https://bit.ly/2MWKF2Q
*Hoops with stars: https://bit.ly/2WqCVJz
*Star bracelet: https://bit.ly/2NnWxKn

*Deep V tank: https://rstyle.me/+DFvA5-ZOS3izkX5xybllcQ
*Black joggers: https://rstyle.me/+iwdnXoYe6CdoDx-JksmVmA
*Veja sneakers: https://rstyle.me/+ZvHmz66IFUAXq6S6GGt3rw
*Denim jacket: https://rstyle.me/+DBov02JLILmRSRKM-g8kIw
*White shirt: https://rstyle.me/+Pk0_bg5GrdqjFSTkWhNbSQ
*Blue skinny denims: https://rstyle.me/+nfsaDNaR2nW7bBVdpsH-yQ
*Black boots (mine are secondhand): https://rstyle.me/+zmBMVQuEWl67D6-HpfeKxg
*Beige boots (mine are secondhand): https://rstyle.me/+k86I2-tL19hjQQqQo9BXtw
*Leopard jacket (mine is secondhand): https://rstyle.me/+POxKRx2ydY111Wu8n3D_Ag
*Grey jumper: https://rstyle.me/+KJM_kJmBrrGMKFEA0eFF5A
*Black skinny denims: https://rstyle.me/+5yCPJv4FvCDtfbQOFWu1Jg
*Brown loafers: https://rstyle.me/+FxtPMTkomsCfdtnHadAmOw
*White tee (I’d take a measurement small males’s): https://rstyle.me/+rhTa5hzS9EK6NBc6EVYIlA
*Grey blazer (similar as mine, I put on measurement 2): https://rstyle.me/+h5bWI2dUKEz7nQAUjyqpKQ
*Brown bag: https://rstyle.me/+hAd5ghf5bKnT8MXBHueyYQ
*Round sunnies: https://rstyle.me/+Sfuxz4huPXisn5hR9VVDBQ
*Black bag (mine is classic): https://rstyle.me/+i-YHQwLt2IqyNx2VFM-rPQ
*Black coat (mine is classic): https://rstyle.me/+L0ErLuEHIikwtt6LUSSyPQ
*Scarf: https://rstyle.me/+-QPbTXTixuEifkTSGrLzWA

Justine Leconte (love her physique sort content material): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChxkFSjTE7nLCHsDk8_pRhg
Daria Andronescu (love her color concept content material): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWxAcgIXwhlNWdAekx-ChaA




Find all my capsule overviews right here: https://www.pinterest.dk/signeh90/my-capsule-wardrobes/

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”Which color are you carrying in your nails?”: https://www.opi.com/color/nail-lacquer/cajun-shrimp
”What does your tattoos say?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLjcjUcJqAY&t=1s
”How do you curl your hair?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNQE00RCORM



Pls. Note that among the hyperlinks are simply SIMILAR objects resulting from availability (lots of my garments are older), and that a few of them are adlinks which implies I is likely to be engaged on an affiliate-based time period with the model/web site. Therefore I’ll obtain a small proportion in fee if a purchase order is being made.

Also observe that I am going out of my approach to discover eco-friendly options – both straight from an eco-brand or from a model that’s enhancing qualities (natural cotton, recycled polyester and so on.).

Pls. learn my disclaimer for merchandise linked and extra transparency: http://www.uselesswardrobe.dk/disclaimer/


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Them Stories – Siny


  1. @UseLess can you recommend I am small (5.4) and I love the acne flat chelsea boots. what trousers to wear with them so not to appear too small (I am busty too)… would really appreciate

  2. I downloaded and use the Caldwell App just over a year ago at your recommendation, and I still love it!! It helps me pare down my wardrobe to pieces that actually work and that I love. Thanks for the recommendation. Cheers!!

  3. If you hear a guitar it’s my neighbour playing and if you hear snorring it’s Oskar. Hej Oskar!
    Can you please give me the measurements of your all year round rack? Thanks!

  4. I was literally just about to order a couple pieces from your jewelry line, but now I feel like I have to wait for the discount😄 all of the pieces are so gorgeous! 😍

  5. am i the only one who doesn't have a fixed style? like on some days i want muted colors, black white camel and super classy/clean lines; other days i want to be extra and quirky and colorful. Just me? maybe its my sun/rising signs fighting…

  6. I will admit that because your style lacks color, it doesn't fit with what I love personally, but that's okay! You're doing what works best for you and I'll always admire and respect that. Keep up the great work, Signe! <3

  7. I love playing dress up, once a week mostly Sundays I take sometime to plan my outfits of the week base on the weather and what's on my agenda, I like planning the outfits and take the stress out of the morning when I am running to get out of the house on time.

  8. Shoes are ALWAYS my “primary” item. After I’ve decided what I’m going to wear on my feet, I create an outfit from there – bottoms up! And this is where street-style and I go our separate ways, because if there are sneakers on the bottom, there will ALWAYS be some kind of athletic wear on top, maybe jeans, but never a dress (unless it’s a long hoodie or something) and def never something dressy or fancy. Probably showing my age here but that’s modern style convention that I will never get with. Cheers, S!

  9. Thanks Signe. A good reminder of your tips. I haven’t seen your newest jewellery pieces so I’ll have to check them out. Did you do a video of the new ones? If you did then I must’ve missed it. Can’t wait to see. 😊

  10. Hallo Signe, sorry ich kann kein Englisch sprechen aber vielleicht verstehst du ein bisschen Deutsch. Könntest du bitte ein Video über Everlane Online Shopping machen? Worauf muss man da achten, wegen dem Zoll und welche Kosten muss man dazurechnen. Wie fallen da die Größen aus etc. danke dir


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