Dressing for lengthy torso/brief legs is all about getting visually elongated backside a part of your physique. Together with Judita we’ve got checked her wardrobe and pulled some outfits to exhibit the distinction the garments create on lengthy waisted physique sort. Hope you discover some helpful examples 🙂

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  1. I appreciated this video as someone who comes from a family of tall people, but has a longer torso instead of long legs like my mom and sister do. Now I know why I always gravitate towards belts and high-rise jeans! Wish I could've seen what you would do with that bat wing top though. I have a couple and like how they are looser on the arms and tighter at the hips. I'll have to try them with a belt. Would tucking it into my high or mid rise jeans work too?

  2. Yay! Finally! I Have waited new video for ages 🙂 Happy to everything fine with you! This theme was also interesting.
    Btw, I liked the checked blazer on Judita and I would liked to see an outfit with that exciting piece. 😘

  3. Thank you! So useful. I have a long torso and thanks to your vid I’ve had a huge clear out of my wardrobe and donated clothes that just weren’t working for my wardrobe and complexion. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  4. thanks for not using heels in all cases! in the last one, I would add even more color craziness by tying the acid yellow sweater's sleeves around her neck on her shoulder, thus creating an effortless touch and a diagonal line.

  5. Other fashion youtubers: "Buy this style of clothes to flatter your body type." You: "If the clothes you already have don't flatter your body type, here's how to make them work." This is why I love your channel 🙂
    I also loved the tip about the distance between your waist and hips, I had never thought about that.

  6. This is fantastic, thank you! What I also like is the fact, that you explain everything in person, it makes it logical and totally relatable. Great work!

  7. Wonderful! Especially loved the skirt with the floral blazer.
    Although I loved the green dress on her and without the shirt, it just needs heels instead of sandals (which I personally didn't like at all)

  8. With the green dress, I think adding a wide belt in her waist and choosing shoes with a slight heel woudl have worked well too, and it would be more fititng for a less casual look. The belt would divide her longer torso in two and accentuate her waist, making your eyes stop there when go from the bottom to the top and make her legs look like they go until her waist. The heels would make ehr legs look longer, too. With the outfit after that with the floral top and blue skirt I would have put the belt a little higher. No it draws attention to her hips, if it where higher it would beautifully accentuate her tiny waist.

    Edit: with the green top, high-waisted jeans and tuck it in!

  9. Geidre, Great to see you doing fashion videos again! Please do a video for short waisted people, too ! I especially appreciate the use of a real person & her own closet contents. It gives hope to the rest of us! Love your content❣ 💖💞💖

  10. Oh my God! I've needed this tutorial my entire life! My torso is long and nothing ever fits 😱
    I'm so thankful for the higher waistline clothing that is in fashion now. The whole "buttcrack" exposed look is awful and flattered no one.

  11. It is so good to have you back! I have missed watching you give us your expert advice. You did an amazing job transforming your friend's look. Each transformation is on point!


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