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In this chatty video, I reply considered one of my most requested questions: how do I find my style and the confidence to wear what I need? I break it down into steps, from assessing what garments you already wear the most in your wardrobe, to discovering aesthetic inspiration, constructing a moodboard, and suggestions for going purchasing and styling outfits.

yellow high: princess polly (
shorts: abrand (
coronary heart necklace: vanessa mooney (comparable:
skinny choker: mejuri (
coronary heart choker: melody ehsani (comparable:

i even have an inspo account @bestdressedinspo 🙂

what’s your identify? ashley
what’s your instagram? @greatest.dressed
how outdated are you? 21 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5’5″
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what gear do you utilize to movie?
➭ fundamental digicam: panasonic lumix gh5s (
➭ 12-35mm lens (
➭ mic: rode videomic professional+ (
➭ vlog digicam: canon powershot g7x mark ii
➭ canon m50 (
➭ modifying: last minimize professional

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  1. I think my style is really weird because some days I feel like some weird dark e-girl and others all I want to do is twirl around in a cute skirt.

  2. Thank you so much for this video. It has inspired me so much. the ending helped me so much to be more ok with starting to dress up a bit. Dressing nicely and not like you just woke up and went to school in highschool is hard. but this video has given me the confidence to start defining my style and what makes me happy. I can't wait to use this quarentine to work on what makes me happy and show it off when I can see people again 😂😅

  3. okay but here's THE thing; i have a style (im broke so i don't have that many clothes LMAO), i like it so much BUT my "room style" is like the total opposite of that. AND I LIKE IT??? i just feel weird to have like a rlly pinky room with led lights, posters, etc. my style is more brown, beige, camel, milky white, burgundy AND THAT DOESN'T FIT AT ALL

    so yeah- this is me having a crisis enjoy

  4. I realized that I really like white, most of my clothes are white, but I really want to wear other colours but whenever I try other colours, I just feel weird 😂

  5. I have a super rainbow outfit and I started to wear it. You really had a hand in that, Ashley, because if I didn't start watching you I probably wouldn't have wrong it. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  6. Literally thank you so much for making this video, I’ve been struggling on trying to find my style for the longest time but this video has helped me so much on what I need to do in order to find it. 😊😀😁🤩

  7. I follow you since 3 years ago probably and it's the first time that I see this video…I already thought that but now it's totally clear that YOU ARE ME BUT IN ANOTHER COUNTRY..I really see myself in the way that you buy clothes and how you hava introduced your changes to others.

  8. Your explore page usually goes off things you save on instagram, so if you want A specific type of thing to show up just save a bunch of similar things.. sorry if that doesn’t make sense haha but I hoped I helped someone 💜

  9. i love how im watching a fashion video that could very much help me wth my closet, while sitting here in a flannel pug pajama top with a random skirt i found cause i wasnt bother to A) put on the matching pants and B) actually fucking find the goddamn matching pants

  10. Ashley thank you so much for making this video! I've been wanting to try harder with style for a long time but had no clue where to start and this was so helpful.

  11. I would like to wear wigs with my outfits and my mom once bought me one but she said "and you are not allowed to wear this in public, okay?" then why did she even bough it if i´m not allowed to wear it- okay karen I´ll buy my own one and wear it, what about that karen?

  12. why do you say pastel like a Brit? You skip the E and most people I hear in the US say pas-tell. Weird, random question for no reason. I love your channel, you remind me a lot of myself at your age (35 years ago LOL)


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