In this video, I present you tips on how to get a modded Alien outfit in GTA on-line! This is tips on how to put Clothes on an alien in GTA 5! If you want GTA glitches, GTA Aliens or GTA Modded clothes glitches SUBSCRIBE!

Ig- Gfreezyx


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  1. Yo i have been seeing your vids and I only ask for one favor can you help me get the red joggers🙏you’ll make my day by just playing with you

  2. Freeze:were are those aliens at>:)
    Aliens:*whisper were right here*
    Aliens:jump on freeze
    Freeze:slams aliens into the wall
    Freeze: throws aliens in the air and freezes the alien
    Like this one for part 2 🙂

  3. Do you know anything about any new ps4 solo glitches ? Just had to start all over again GTA online and I,'ve grinded enough on my old account
    I miss my deluxo 😭


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