As a lot as I like nice fundamentals and impartial colours, I additionally take pleasure in spicing issues up with extra enjoyable, attention-grabbing outfit combos. Here are a number of the ways in which I’d go about enhancing a primary outfit.

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Clothes worn within the video:

– Outfit n°1:

Sneakers: (related)
Scarf: couldn’t discover it, however Hermès makes related ones
Glasses (black):
Glasses (silver):
Watch: (related)

– Outfit n°2:

Ribbed Sweater:
Sneakers: (related)

– Outfit n°3:

Oxford Shirt:
Turtleneck: (related)
Trousers (plain):
Trousers (striped): (closest I may discover however not the identical sorry, the unique was purchased in Taiwan)
Sneakers: (related)

Shot with:

– Canon 6D MK II:
– Canon 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens:

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  1. Brilliant job Tim. Your style is super classy. Btw, any chance if you could do a few episodes on city-themed fashion, for e.g, when in Paris, dress like this. Or in Tokyo, dress like this… would be interesting to watch I think.

  2. Any tips on being absolutely punk af, individual and crushing, yet not an embarrassment to the family dinner at Chistmas (whilst keeping the purple Mohican?)
    Or would say just be comfortable in you’re own skin and try not to mind grandmas mumblings when I put the “cancer bats” album on over dessert?

    Thank you, I really love your style, and content. Production is sleek.

  3. Great video! If you hadn't done yet, I would suggest more video like this but a bit different. Lets say you go to your friend's house to help him choose some combinations of clothes that would results in the best style. Because sometime you have to do with what you only have in your closet lol

  4. Really liking the tips. I’m thinking of pulling some of these off when I start office this July. Being a legal researcher would probably stress me out. I think dressing up will make me feel better. Keep the videos coming!

  5. never knew grey and yellow could work so well! my favourite colour is yellow but i didn't want to appear so flashy and tacky so i never wear anything yellow, but now I know better. thanks for this tip, man!

  6. Don't think that scarf 'feminizes' the look a bit! I am 66 years old; when I retired, I got rid of all but a few neck ties, for tribal ceremonial occasions, like weddings & funerals. Instead, I wear a lot of scarves of varying shapes, & diverse colors. Peps up my life. Love this channel!

  7. Excellent video… Again! I think outfit 1 and 2 are my favorites, the fabric of the sweater really ads texture to the outfit #2. Also, I like the description "hermes has similar scarfs" 😂😂😂. Overall, great content Tim! 👌


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