It incorporates tutorials on how to make a Funnel neck fitted dress with fly sleeves.
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  1. when I first read the title of the video I thought i said funeral fitted dress and I thought. Wow! they have some fun funerals over there lol! Stunning dress! you're a magician!

  2. Neddle woman well done. Do you stay in Abuja. I was hear Boola Boola(dustbin carrier)In your video. Let me know how I can reach you please

  3. Madam thank you for the great work. I know how to join everything but am still having problem with the princess dart bustier is really giving me problem and thanks for listening

  4. I absolutely love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing those ideas on the Turtle Neck. But I love the first one more. Even if it's plain, it would come like a style. Blessings to you my dear. I've now started watching your videos and very interesting. Do you have how to measure and cut videos?

  5. Do you have a video on how you made the front of the bodice? It looked like it had a bra on the inside, it was perfect. I know there was not a bra on the bodice but the way you put in the darts and everything made it look like you did. i want to learn how you did that please and thank you.


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