This was a reasonably simple one I used to be pleased to do, a lot so I did two! We haven’t solely the RDR2 model of Dutch however I threw in the RDR1 Version as effectively as a result of… effectively, why not?

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Recorded on Xbox One with Elgato HD60 Pro

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Edited with Wondershare Filmora


  1. "Duch" I HAVE A PLAN!!! >:U
    "Arthur" Are you ok Duch? ;-;
    "Duch" We just need money

    Two minutes later…
    “Micah” He is a traitor Duch ˙ ͜ʟ˙
    "Duch" Realy?! DIE!!!! ALL OF YOU!!! (ง'̀-'́)ง(ง'̀-'́)ง

  2. I'm gonna use a white arabian or buell as my horse and the schofieids you made a guide with before to go with this
    Also the vest that comes with the legend of the east looks kinda good with this too

  3. I was so annoyed that you couldn’t buy a chained vest. And I hated the fact that there were certain outfits in games that would look so good if they had more colours or were at least clean as some of the items where dirty/dusty permanently.

  4. Hey if you read this could you possibly make the outfit that Roy Goode where’s at the end of godless, if you haven’t watched it its easy to find on Netflix

  5. Can you try to make Sean Macguires outfit in Single-player or online (whichever looks more like Sean’s) for St. Patrick’s Day? That would be much appreciated.

  6. YoU should attempt to make Sean mcgauires outfit in story…the Irish guy for saint Patrick's day!!!☘ He was my favorite none playable charcter every mission with him I enjoyed..
    Untill that mission 😭😭I have attempted his outfit before it wasn't good Have a nice day

  7. I actually picked up dutches hat when it fell off of him, but then a cut scene happened and in the cut scene your hat falls off which makes me mad. I had the hat and was gnna save it to my outfit!

  8. FYI, you can purchase Blackwater & other outfits in New Austin as Arthur from the online Catalog that Rockstar has on their Companion App or Social Club website!! I got the black Rambler Jacket from it!


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