I imply… continuously seeing requests to do the unique gang in order that knocks off one other one… Technically twice now as we did his RDR1 variant as properly! That all mentioned, onto the rules!

Guidelines for Requests
-Online Requests Are Once Again Open!
-Requests have to be clearly said, ideally with the character and what media they’re from as properly specified if Online or in Single Player modes.
-Search by means of the feedback made already and insure your request was not already made by one other Radical Viewer, if it has hit that like button to vote for it.
-Top voted touch upon Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays might be our winners! Any ties might be resolved through random probability and proven on the video.
-Any violations of those tips, makes an attempt to argue with the YouTuber or just disrespectful and/or heinous hateful feedback might be deleted, continued abuse will end in a remark ban for an undetermined period of time.
-Be respectful, have enjoyable and keep Radical Viewers!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrimGaddy

Recorded on Xbox One with Elgato HD60 Pro

Music is Isolated by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Can you please please please please please please make John Wesley Hardin’s and The Sundance kids outfit in online(the recipe is in Dutch’s epilogue outfit)

  2. Its interesting that the voice actor for javier is Actually a 2nd generation mexican american so it feels authentic for rockstar to have him be javier cause he knows javiers struggles

  3. Is it weird that I want to see Ramon Rojo's Winchester repeater done on this show or has it already and I just don't know I'm kind of late to the game


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