Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, shares methods to create your own face protecting in a number of simple steps.

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  1. I specificity searched the info on all their studies for face masks and most dont even talk about face masks and the ones that do state there is more research needed this is all bs lies look it up

  2. What we have in the UK is people dealing with Stockholm syndrome – so ingrained is the constant fear messaging to them through mainstream media outlets and social media outlets that they will literally defend wearing masks & all the other nonsense surrounding this, even when confronted with evidence that proves it as fallacy. This blog is a good start – h t t p s : / / j b h a n d l e y b l o g . c o m / h o m e / l o c k d o w n l u n a c y – for anyone wishing to look a little furthur than just repeat the same mantra's of fear to themselves, to self-soothe, or to others, to reprimand free thinking adults & bring us to their level of lunacy. 1. Decreases oxygen intake – Breathing though a mask decreases the amount of oxygen we need to live & be healthy, increases blood acidity & makes breathing difficult. 2. Increases toxin inhalation – Toxins that we normally exhale as we breathe become trapped in the mask & re-inhaled into the lungs, increasing symptoms 3. Shuts down immune system – decreases oxygen intake, increases carbon dioxide & toxin intake putting the body under stress, releasing cortisol & shutting down immune processes 4. Increases virus risk – Encourages triggering & infection from dormant retro viruses already in the body, taking advantage of a weakened immune system due to mask wearing 5. Scientifically inaccurate – Virologists measure covid-19 to be 80-140nm in size making the weave of material masks to be the equivalent of a chain-link fence to a mosquito 6. EFFECTIVENESS NOT STUDIED – Absolutely no peer-reviewed studies have been carried out of mask effectiveness within a social enviroment to control, prevent or eliminate the spread of disease. COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK as of 19th March 2020. People will use in argument 'you wear the mask to protect others & by not doing so that you are selfish'. It is selfish to force something onto others when there is no proof of claim that the wearing of masks work & in fact can be shown to make the wearer more sustainable to become ill in many circumstances. Ask yourself the questions – Why are we now being mandatory coerced & forced in most circumstances to wear facemasks? Why are there so many inconsistencies in the official narratives?

  3. wearing a mask all day will cause pseudohypoxia, which is a medical condition where the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. 😷👹

  4. Recalling many past shitty retail jobs,…..starts out fine. You get a fair hourly wages, promised vacation days, 40 hours of weekly work, & a healthcare plan…..then your into it for few months,….and all of a sudden your hours are cut to under 40, then they end your healthcare plan, and no vacation days. Next,..All raises are frozen. Your only recourse is to start stealing rubber bands & anything else not bolted down, or quit.

  5. This video left out intermediate step of scissor-trim of t-shirt horizontally below arms before folding. A verbal allusion to that step would make it more complete.

  6. Do not follow the Deception being put out by Robert Redfield, a man he advocated against sterile needles and condoms to drug users calling them "false prophets". A man who's sole foundation of religion is based on the teaching of a nicolaitan, a man chosen purposely by Trump. Making a face mask is not sterile,nor does a healthy person wear a mask dropping Oxygen levels, nor will the CDC ever state it will prevent one from getting any virus, because it can't. I pray the masses will recognize Deception, Deception is not lies that would be easily spotted, but Deception mixes truth with falsehood not so easily spotted. Oh this Robert Redfield have an evil agenda, those that follow God don't let no man deceive you.and Dr Jerome Adams must know every recommendations from an entire medical team does not mean a patient must listen, the final say known as the "veto power" lay with the patient according to medical ethics.they cannot demand any to wear a mask they can only recommend. The final veto power always lay with the patient and if they deny medical ethics, then they should never have a medical liscense in the first place. God be with those who seek truth, for even Jesus so hated those that follow the teaching of a nicolaitan as Robert Redfield so chose.

  7. How is this still on the internet because this is the definition of misinformation.. You neglect to inform the public that several studies throughout the years have shown that cloth face coverings make infections, flu's, corona viruses an such more likely to cause you to be infected and get sick. You also neglect to mention that if you wear them for a prolonged period of time their are other health risks. You also neglect to mention that their is no filter on them so that means the can't stop something as small as a virus to begin with. Besides the fact that slaves were forced to wear them so they didn't spit on their masters. Besides the fact that event eh medical respirators which people call surgical masks where also made to stop spit from infecting wounds. on top of that they do and are a filter but not a very good one since it also has been shown in medical study's that those masks have a 40% or lower chance to stop one of those viruses. We also know that company's build massive filters the size of buildings with two separate types of filters in them and they still can't filter out most of it on count that viruses and the like are measured in nano meters and we do not have the technology to filter most of it and the tech we do have only lessens the amount. Lets see how long these actual facts take to be censored. Now i am a veteran as well and its interesting instead of pushing this themselves they chose someone else who is/was military to tell you it. Almost as if they want you to trust what they are saying without you questioning or doing the research yourself on it, almost as if they want you to simply believe what they say while showing no empirical evidence to back any of it up, and yes i have been to the website their is none.

  8. No virus is kept either inside this mask to protect others nor does this mask protect the user from the virus outside it. The virus is microscopic and so this kind of mask is useless. Shame on the CDC for this propagation of false information.

  9. It's only "that easy" is you never move and really can go in and out of the place you are going to in a minute or two. Otherwise, those rubber bands will work their way out of the folder and the mask will fall off, leaving you with the choice of picking it up and using it (no good) or going without and getting shamed by other shoppers.

  10. Re: Masks

    A report of a scientific study conducted over many months with different hospitals participating that this doctor is obviously unaware of and is therefore responsible for so many deaths, shows the findings which were that cloth masks made from natural material such as cotton are not safe to use, instead, help the spread of the virus to the wearer and others.

    At the end of the report the ‘conclusions’ are very easy to understand while the rest of it is scientific and you may find it hard to understand.

    There also is a uTube video that shows one how to make a SAFE mask out of a vacuum cleaner HEPA filter and the doctor who designed it explains why it is safe and why the cotton ones are not.

    Here are the links that you can type in to Google and uTube that will give you all the info to keep you and others safe. the safe mask the scientific study that everyone especially our medical community should have been given and read to help stop spreading the virus.

    Another thing to consider is that stores taking your temperature does nothing to keep you safe, as when one gets the virus, one is contagious 4 days BEFORE your temperature goes up and you get or show any symptoms. Tell this doctor he shoulod read the report. Has he been living under a rock? The CDC and NIH both know of the study. STOP KILLING PEOPLE
    Eudice G.

  11. I wonder how many hospitalizations could've been prevented (and less deluge) if the CDC didn't lie about masks at the jump.

  12. Effective (partially) only for protecting other people from the wearer and with social distancing. They won't protect the wearer especially if they don't know how to put it on or take it off.

  13. The thinnest part of this mask is exactly in front of your mouth! It has just one layer here. Why not create 4 layers by just folding the whole piece of cloth twice??

  14. Could someone explain to me how the Surgeon General could say, "Masks Increase Virus Risk" on March 20, 2020 – and then on April 3, 2020 make a video showing "How to Make Your own Face Covering"??? Is the Surgeon General prone to changing his mind? And if he did, when and where did he inform the public of his new beliefs, and why he changed?


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