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  1. You are the fukin man! Your advice help me, because of you I found out why my friends can’t take me everywhere (I’m in the lunatic category, got anger issues so I be lookin for the smoke).

  2. I stop by this gas station all the time. Whenever i walk in, i tell the guy, "What's up pussy?" and tells me, "What's up fucker?".

  3. yo….lol…very good put things in very good perspective..Im from NYC born n raised but no in Syracuse..but you just showed me to consider other people's culture and background when things are in aint supposed to take noooooo shit..but you showed me that I myself may have to look at things from a different perspective and possibly when it and analyze where a person is or may be coming from…just a thought but Im listening brother..this b that real honest shit my nigga..this shit is crazy cuz you be sayin some real ass shit..society have being a man a flaw now…Im tryin to control any controlling or over dominance towards a woman but daaaaawg these bitches really fuckin diff today!!!! I was born '79….but today….I told my momma…momma these chics different today ma…its a whole new system now..but aight..keep sharing bro! Be good brother PEACE🙏 💪✌💪🙏

  4. Nah fam you got game for centuries mate 🙏🏿. I followed exactly what you said on your videos, bro this Girl is calling me everyday and night, she even wants us to stay up on the phone till I fall asleep. Shes a 10/10 Madness bro on other level. mad! Bro I don't even have text her and that nah. I'm just chilling, I talkless and text direct messages and shes crazy asf Thanks to you my Guy.

  5. I disagree with passive being the worst option. Sometimes it’s okay to not give losers testing you the time of day. Great vids though

  6. Great video. Part of being an Alpha Male isn’t just with Women, but with people in general. AMS should make more videos like these. Being on your Purpose means having to deal with Men & Women not only in the social world, but professionally as well.
    Solid Advice. 👏🏼

  7. I don’t agree with this. If a guy talks shit to you, you damn well better talk shit back and stick up for yourself angry or not. I don’t give a damn if the guy thinks you’re butthurt or not. Your self respect comes first. If he doesn’t want to be my friend, then good fucking riddance.

    Fuck all that shit with playing around with them back and shit.


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