How To Unlock Dragon Ball Super Broly & Gogeta Blue’s Moveset For custom Characters | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 4

How to unlock ALL Super & Ultimate Attacks in Extra Pack 4!
All Moves so as!
Powered Shell & Gigantic Charge 0:13
Spirit Blaster & Punisher Shield 5:22
Gigantic Rage 7:17
Assault Vanish 12:18
God Punisher & Gigantic Roar 15:03

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  1. U lucky son of a bitch u gotta actual people to play with I got computers, but I did get Spirit Blaster and Punisher Shield tho all I want is God Punisher

  2. Good tips for first mission
    Have high damaging ults like Final Kamehameha or Soul Punisher any of them
    Equip Shadow Crusher it'll punish Broly if he uses his ultimate and give you some free hits
    If you get Broly to attack Frieza do a X Y then stamina break him then he'll target you
    Justice Combination is great for strike ulting especially against the cacs

  3. So why can Broly basically one shot me on the shit maps glacier and space earth one has shit camera the other has the glitch where you Z vanish in front and not back

  4. So me and my brother got god punisher first try. But we have been farming for gigantic roar for about 5 days. We have gotten it three times but one time we failed because broly died and the other 2 times vegeta glitched and didn't show up.


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