How To Unlock The Epsilon Robes In GTA Online! In the new Grand Theft Auto: on-line Arena Wars DLC you possibly can unlock the epsilon program garments. This video reveals a tutorial on find out how to get it.

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  1. I think rockstar teases with this the singleplayer mystery… I mean you must do 600 supllies runs to get the ufo mission triggered and yet you must over 550 tip money…

  2. Loool get drunk pass out end up in the toilet and acquire the robe, lets look at it some other way, alcohol derives from a process called fermentation a process discovered by the earliest form of alchemy alchemist were turned to being secretive because of persecution and their quest to find the "stone of knowledge", but from late 1700s to current day their ideologies have been stolen and corrupted by secret societies (epsilon) with alternative goals, it is well documented and even in scripture that the Devil or Shaytan in a property dwells in the bathroom (toilet). If what ive said sounds complete dumb then please go ahead and explain me why Rockstar hid the epsilon robe in this sequence, ROCKSTAR makes no mistakes nor by chance FACT!


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