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When we’re speaking about the right way to type blazers, one of many largest matters is the right way to put on a blazer with denims. To be trustworthy, there is a little bit of an artwork to sporting a blazer with denims and there are positively some guidelines to comply with to do it appropriately. In this video, I’m sharing some suggestions and recommendation on the right way to type blazers with denims and providing you with loads of outfit inspiration as effectively. Enjoy!

00:16 – Suit Jacket vs. Blazer vs. Sport Coat
01:19 – Rules For Wearing A Blazer With Jeans
04:44 – Light Grey Blazer with Jeans
05:47 – Navy Blazer with White Jeans
06:43 – Charcoal Blazer with Jeans
07:38 – Plaid Blazer with Jeans
08:37 – Double-Breasted Blazer with Jeans

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LOOK 4: casual WEEKEND
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  1. Ok… you need socks man. Due up one more button on your shirt unless you are an Italian playboy. Your belt should be the same size as your belt loops (as with the white jeans). The white jeans were too short too. The front of your jeans must touch your shoes. No running shoes with a jacket period. The jacket with the last outfit appears to have the sleeves too short. Attention to detail man.

  2. I love your videos! Specially for men with +40 ! I lost weight, I stopped with drinking beer! So I’m in a good shape again! And I will pay attention to my outfit! A hug from Chile!

  3. Sorry, I have to disagree with the double breasted jacket with jeans. If you don't button the jacket, it looks too big and baggy. If you do button it, it look even worse.. Everything else looks great.I especially like the dark blue blazer with the white jeans. This is my got to outfit when I fly. I wear ti with either a pale pink or pale blue dress shirt and a pair of blue suede drivers. FYI – Drivers don't last so I wear them only to and from the airport and on the plane.

  4. Totally disagree about the pocket square.

    So long as the pocket square is more casual, a pocket square actually enhances the look.

    The ability to be smart casual takes skill, but when done right looks great.

    A blazer or suit jacket looks incomplete without a pocket square.

  5. The first and 3rd outfit is lit. Something I can relate to as I usually pair my blazer with denim pants. However, I’m always conflicted as to whether or not to use a pocket square for such a casual ensemble. What’s your take on this, Brian?

  6. Nice video. Very well thought out. I’m a little disappointed about the tie and pocket square but I now agree with you about that. Sometimes you just need to listen and take it onboard. Thanks for some inspiring outfits,

  7. The athletic shoes, jeans and , with two unbutton shirt and blazer – you look good but the style is everyday. The style of no socks, khakis, shirt and blazer is very casual. I would expect that in the summertime. The hat and rubbed neck with Blazer and jeans look like you are traveling to Europe. I like the way you have individualized your style.

  8. As far as pocket square, the fabric matters.

    No silk. Cotton only.

    Consider a pocket square you would find at J.Crew for an example.

  9. now all we have to do is stop every Jewish doctor over 50yo from wearing jeans, white shirt and a black blazer everywhere they go……I was at a funeral the other day and my local Jewish dentist showed up in that same outfit…and had on black cowboy boots with it…..I quickly put out a APB to the fashion police to arrest him.

  10. Hi Brian, first of all great video as always!

    In your opinion, would you consider using a pocket square and/or tie while wearing a blazer and chinos?

  11. I have a hard time taking this video seriously. It feels like you are mocking us. I Don't know which is worse. The misinformation or the awful "rule breaking" and choice of clothing worn. I'd firstly like to address the whole sport jacket/ Blazer/ suit jacket misinformation. You keep talking about the difference between these three. The difference between the three is simply… None! When talking about a sport jacket, blazer or a suit jacket it's not about how they are constructed but how they are worn.

    A suit jacket is simply worn with matching pants making it a suit. A blazer is worn with odd pants, so a suit jacket, when worn with odd pants becomes a blazer and a blazer worn with matching pants becomes a suit jacket. What you say at 1:00 is simply incorrect. A blazer can not have matching pants. If you match pants with a blazer it becomes a suit jacket. It has nothing to do with the construction or the style of the garment. I know what you're going to say "but the blazer has a more casual construction and style" NO! you choose to wear a more casual looking suit jacket as a blazer!

    The second thing you mention is to absolutely not wear a tie or a pocket square with jeans because this is some sort of "rule" yet you pop the collar on a blazer? Really? What are you N-Sync? Not only that but the abomination at 8:36… Really!? I mean really!? Wearing a double breasted blazer opened… With sneakers!? SNEAKERS!? Also dark grey blazer with black pants!? Have we become peasants all of a sudden!?

    I usually enjoy your content… But not today.

  12. Always like your content and agree that the combinations look good. But sometimes things are lost in translation! In England/the rest of Europe, none of those jackets are Blazers. They are all types of sports jackets or just simply jackets. A Blazer has military style dress buttons (often double breasted.

  13. Hi Brian, love your channel keep up the great content. What is your definition of a blazer? In my mind it’s always been a typically solid sportcoat with brass or metal buttons. Your distinction between a suit jacket and a blazer to me or somewhat blurred. Thanks

  14. لم افعل شيء اي ضرر لاي شخص انا ربي شاهد اني لست مغتابة و لا نمامة و لا مخادعة و لا محسادة و لا ظالمة تعرضت للتامرات و الخداع ووالتدمير و التحقير وومن سحر لي بالجن عدبني لن اسامحكم صحتي خربتوها لي قهرتوني لن اسامحكم اريد ان اسافر العالم كله من العروبي الشفار الدي منعني الحقير الشحاتة الفقراء حمادة و الجيعان من سحر لي بالجن تفوا عليكم

  15. Totally disagree on the pocket square statement. I wear blazer+jeans+non-white shirts from time to time and use less formal pocket square arrangements and colors. And it looks amazing and fresh.

  16. Very good video, love them except the loafers and tennis shoes, I disagree with not wearing a pocket square, but to each own,but you do dress well
    I'm learning new stuff.

  17. This advice is on point, Brian. Believe me when I say, I’ve seen this done so wrong so many times. This style can look very frumpy when a fellow doesn’t adhere to these details!

  18. Like all the looks very much, except the double breasted. Personal preference, but I'd button all your cuff buttons. Especially these days when even cheap off-the-rack clothes can have functioning button holes, they no longer automatically convey custom or made-to-measure. Plus, I see it less as sprezzatura and more as "Hey, look at me, I have buttonable cuffs." I definitely lean toward quiet/understated, where I know that my surgeon's cuffs can be unbuttoned, but aren't trying to show everyone else.

  19. I have a few favorite blazers that are classic patterns and that I have kept around for years. I love to dress it up for casual nights out with friends for dinner.

  20. Suit jacket and sport jackets are correct, but was the blazer not the worsted navy odd jacket with golden buttons only? Though nobody seems to care nowadays and the distinction between blazer/sport coat seems to be mostly gone. Especially since navy tweed or flannel without the golden buttons is so much easier to pair


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