Styling up classic for vacation events in collaboration with Karen from KarenBritChick. We each took the problem to search out treasures at thrift and classic retailers to create two vacation occasion outfits.. one informal and one fancy.





  1. Love you & Karen doing these challenges. 😃 I like your fancy look. That casual just has TOO much going on, sorry. That white, Victorian sheer blouse would have been so amazing with the gold, wide legged satin pants.

  2. I'm not going to give you a thumb down on this video but I wasn't fond of your first outfit , I think the knit top and skirt looked good together but when you wrapped the shirt around your waist and threw on the blazer, it threw the outfit off. Maybe a different colored blazer like brown plaid with burgundy and mustard stripes would have looked better along with a neutral tone boot . Hopefully you rethink that outfit before wearing it out to a casual party. You second look was good and I like how you put your hair up.

  3. Another great collab with Karen. I loved all the individual pieces you got especially the plaid blouse and that white victoriana blouse with the amazing sleeves. I was hoping you'd use that one for your casual outfit as I know you'd come up with something amazing with that. I would've loved to have seen the plaid blouse in the casual look especially with the wide legged gold pants – OMG that would have been stunning and easily dressed down with sneakers. But the piece de resistance was that dress! You looked incredible in it. I immediately thought studio 54 and then you went on to say it. Fabulous.

  4. Not crazy about your choices, the leopard blouse would be great with the skirt on its own or with the turtle neck. Putting it all together as you did was odd. Sorry not a fan.

  5. Wow Beth, I think you’re finally over that threshold where you’re about to come into a ton of subscribers. You deserve a ton of them because your channel is one of the best that’s been created.
    But the way I can tell… is a lot of unnecessary negative comments in this section.

  6. The plaid blouse is fabulous. Had to laugh when you used the word "bedspread" to describe the cardigan/vest: That immediately came to my mind too. My grandmother had some bedspreads like that, but in different colours. I loved them as a kid.

  7. When you were picking things up I thought they weren't so special, but the actual outfits worked way better. I appreciated your courage with the 1st outfit, it ended up looking fun, although I would've liked to see a narrower colour selection and it was maybe a bit too casual even. Karen brought me here, glad you two do things like these together!

  8. Great shopping spree! Loved some of the items you didn't style. For your casual look, the plaid sheer blouse would be great with the gold satin wide leg pants you showed us. Perhaps the pants didn't fit properly. That white dress tho'! Fabulous! Actually liked it more with your gold flats (smile).

  9. Beth you Karen are awesome!!! Looking at your two different styles is amazing. When you and Karen's styles complement each other. Love both of your videos. I picked a blue and white striped colared shirt up just yesterday just like that Gap striped shirt. I have so many things I can pair it with. I love the white dress however as short as I am I would have chosen the wide legged pants.

  10. Love the off white high end dress. Perhaps a stole around the neck for a pop of texture, color, and holiday? You've definitely created a 'look' with the first outfit…never would have thought of that…it suits you well…wish I could wear that much pattern together.

  11. Sorry to write, I am not feeling that first look. You took casual look for a holiday party to a lower level. smh. But that white dress was soooooo it. And I love what you did to your hair and makeup, and the earrings were the icing. Yeah! I liked both of Karen's looks. New York being the fashion capital of this continent, it probably hard to compete with what available to Karen in those boutique thrift shops vs what in the west coast Goodwill. You guys should do a price challenge for specific items for an inspiration runway look. I like when you and Karen do collaboration videos. Keep up the good content and thanks for sharing.


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