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  1. oh my god, hey babessss, im from leicester! so good when you find a youtuber from your area/town/regon ect. so from one east midlander to another one……HIYA! anyway, i always find the foss park primark not that good actually when you compare it to the leicester city centre primark, so i would say give the one in the city centre a go for sure. its massive, 3 or 4 storys high, and its got so much great stuff in there, i love it so much. i know foss park has lots of other good shops ect but honestly, the city primark is so much better imo. would love if you did a haul from there babe. also, great vid, you look amazing in everything hunni, your figure is bloody amazing girrrrrrrrl. and you seem totally relatable. i subbed straight after the first video i watched of yours! love the content, keep t up hun xoxo

  2. as much as i love your primark videos, the large demand for fast fashion is damaging the planet at an extremely fast rate. therefore buying such a large amount of random clothes that will not be worn or hardly worn is awful. so please maybe think about what you’re buying and whether you will wear it enough for it to be worth the damage it is causing to the earth. maybe buy basics than can be reworn and reworn instead of trend pieces that will soon be replaced with new purchases xx

  3. I love watching your Primark vids but at the same time my bank balance is trying to pull me back in because it knows a Primark shop is pending 😩😩😩💗💗💗💗

  4. I got the same denim cycling shorts the other week, I’m normally a 10/12 in primark denim, I had to get a size 14 because the 10/12 were no where near close to doing up. The 14’s were still kinda tight, could’ve easily gone up to a 16 and would’ve fit comfortably:/ was very disappointed, glad I’m not the only one that’s had this problem!

  5. So glad you said that the denim cycling shorts were too tight. I had the exact same problem in my size too. I left the changing room feeling depressed 😢😢😢.

  6. Aww fosse Park I used to love it there, and so many good shops I haven’t been for years! Lovely outfits again and that belt is a great way to get one! Xx

  7. Omg Laura loving this haul!! I am going to Birmingham primark at the end of the month so will be looking out for the shorts, the hats and the crops 💛💛

  8. I’ve got a little boy due in September and I’m taking a trip to Bristol city centre to shop for some clothes next month. This video has definitely given me the the feels of wanting to go into the primark they have there!😌Xx


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